Friday, April 28, 2017


Good Friday Morning!!!

This Friday is extra, extra amazing because I am in Nashville, TN!!!

Which means I am on vacation and running this weekend at the Rock and Roll ST. Jude 1/2 Marathon!

James and I arrived yesterday morning at 8:00 am. Our flight was out of Tampa at 7:00 and got here at 8:00 and it was an 1.5 hour flight. Yup we time traveled :0)

I forgot that TN is in a Central Time Zone. It was so funny to see on our ticket that time change, it didn't dawn on me at first.

We were so excited to be here. James and I have not had time off together in a really long time, definitely not back to back time off and we haven't had vacation since October  when we went back home for the wedding. We NEED this time together, believe me. I know it is the trip to get us back to US.

Not realizing we couldn't check in early at our hotel, even though online it said you could, we decided to grab some breakfast, they let us leave our luggage and then we got a LYFT and went downtown in Nashville to check it all out.

We had no clue where we were going and we turned a corner and BAM, all of downtown Nashville right in front of us. It was amazing. There are so many bars, restaurants and Boot stores. The bars advertise live music every single night and as we were walking by, many were walking by with their guitars and ready to get there music on.

The city totally has that country music vibe right away. And it seriously is like you are transported to a whole other area in the world. We walked all over downtown, just finding different places and taking pictures. I was thrilled to have James out walking with me, as you know he is not very athletic, so to get him out and going was fantastic and boy did we get our walk on.

After walking around for over a hour we went to the Expo to pick up my bib and packet for the race. I raised 600.00 dollars for St. Jude and I am so unbelievably happy that I chose to do that for this race. It makes this race even more special.

I decided to be a St. Jude Hero because I believe in St. Jude and what they do for children who are fighting cancer and the families fighting right along with them. Plus I lost two very special people in my life to cancer, my BF's husband Tony and my Nanny. Cancer f-ing sucks and destroys so many lives and little babies and children have an even harder chance of fighting it, but St. Jude fights along with them and I wanted to help out anyway I could.

So with the help of 13 amazing people in my life who donated I am running this for them, the children, my family and friends and everyone fighting with cancer. Each person that donated I am running a mile for them.

Mile 1- My mom <3 font="">
Mile 2- Elizabeth Ruiz
Mile 3- Aunt Donna
Mile 4- Natasha Romano
Mile 5- Uncle Keith and Abby
Mile 6- Aunt Margaret
Mile 7- Sarah Lavoie
Mile 8- Susan 
Mile 9- Nanci
Mile 10- Lea Ann and Tony
Mile 11- Uncle John
Mile 12- Jen, Ben and Paige
Mile 13-13.1- Poppy

At each mile, I will think of these selfless people in my life that donated to get me to the starting and finish line.

We decided yesterday after pick up to just go back to the hotel and rest for awhile. We had been going  since 3:30 in the morning and we were exhausted. Like super exhausted, so we checked in and literally crashed in to the bed and we each took a nice lonnnngg nap and James NEVER naps so it was super nice.

We showered and then went back downtown to get dinner, listen to music and check out the scene. There was A LOT going on downtown, there were concerts, LOTS of people out and music playing everywhere. It was hard to choose where to go because there was so much great music playing. We went to somewhere that was still serving food and a little more chill. Two guys were playing some cover songs and they were amazing. Seriously everyone we have heard have been outstanding!!!

We ate, took in music and then went back home and crashed again.

Day 1 was a true success and today we are doing some of the touristy things ;0) and I am on my Quest still to meet someone, ANYONE from the Bobby Bones Show and find someone famous along the way also.

Wish me luck!!!