Monday, October 24, 2016

My First Yoga Experience

Yesterday I had a pretty amazing morning.

I am a runner and I work out at the gym. Half the time I don't know what I am doing when I am at the gym but I try, each and every time. Yesterday I tried something that was 100% out of my comfort zone and different for me.

My bestie Nanci invited me to join her over in Tampa at the Epicurean Hotel to do Yoga with a Twist on the rooftop. Well the twist part was you get a free alcoholic beverage at the end. I mean how could I pass that up, especially when you are able to do it with your bestie. The weather in Florida  has finally broke through a bit too and it felt like fall. I was all in!

But a part of me was super nervous....

I am not comfortable in a class atmosphere...

I don't like making a fool of myself. And when I am not familiar with it, I get even more nervous. This is crazy but I have only done one exercise class and it was taught by a friend. So this was new to me but I knew I wanted to do it.

I was just being self conscious of my body. My rolls and fat moving all over the place. But then I just said whatever took a deep breathe and just went with it.

And I ended up having an amazing time.

In the beginning of the class, I had a hard time just unwinding. My mind was all over the place. I was having trouble getting into the poses. I literally didn't know what I was doing but I was getting there. I was very aware of my body flaws and movements, which was different for me.

But then something happened mid way. We are just being still. The instructor was chanting and letting us just let go. Taking the time for ourselves. They put a cool cloth with lavender over our eyes and I just melted. All the stress and weight I felt just let go. I became aware of all my troubles and felt relaxed. It was pretty amazing.

At the end, I sat up and I was emotional. I mean my whole body felt emotional but I felt light at the same time. I had tears in my eyes and so amazing. Honestly no other way to explain it....

The whole experience was wonderful. At the end we did a champagne toast and then had brunch downstairs in the hotel...

Cheers to amazing Sunday morning with my bestie. Cheers to my first yoga experience and understanding the practice . Cheers to being one with my body. Cheers to acceptable my flaws and loving and appreciating them. Cheers to the friendships I have in my life. Cheers to spending time with the love of my life. Cheers to life in general. Cheers to me taking time out of the day and ignoring work texts. Cheers to learning new things and enjoying them. Cheers to my fun, wild and crazy life.

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