Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Scary Movies


It is Tuesday again and to keep with the upcoming holiday next week, today's Top Ten Tuesday is all about scary movies!!

I love scary movies. I love the thrill and the suspense. I think it is more of the gore and blood but the suspense leading up to it to make it scary for me. James on the other hand, does not like anything scary, but on Halloween we get to watch one scary movie hahaha. Gotta pick a good one this year!

10. Deliverance- This movie is not only scary but disturbing!!! That pig scene, still freaks me out.

9. Exorcist- Geez I remember watching this younger and I was terrified. It is so old school now but when her head spun around and green puke, oh hell no!!!

8. The Shining- YES this movie is all kinds of good and scary and suspenseful. I love the hotel vibe and well Jack is crazy. I had never seen it until a couple of Halloweens ago. I didn't realize how long it was and fell asleep but RED ROOM!!

7. Candyman- Say his name 3 times in the mirror and he will appear. Haunted me forever and STILL many many years later, I still can not look into the mirror when I get up to go to the bathroom at night!

6. The Blair Witch Project-  This was scary because I grew up in the woods, I am from the country and this was my fear. Even though it turned out to be all fake it was still so scary at the time and had me hooked.

5. Sleepaway Camp- This movie is so old but I remember renting it as a kid at the local movie place. The 80's camp and murder was so cheezy but still had that killer suspense feel.

4. Scream- I feel like this movie brought on a whole new generation of scary. The first one was always the best and the babysitting scene made me never want to answer the phone when I was home alone.

3. Halloween- I mean this is a scary movie classic gem!

2. Misery- Kathy Bates did amazing in this movie, AMAZING! She was scary, suspenseful and all kinds of insane. I still turn away with the bed scene and that mans poor legs.

1. The Ring- The scariest part is after this movie people wanted to dress up like her for Halloween. NO! When she crawled out of the T.V., NOPE!!!

What should be the movie I watch this year????