Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- Excitements of November

Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday and more importantly Happy 1st Day of November.

We literally have two months left of the year and then 2016 is in the past. Holy crap when did that happen!!

November is the start of craziness for me but also there are a lot of fun and little things that go on in November too!! 

So this Top Ten Tuesday, Nanci and I are talking about some of fun and exciting things we have going on this month to kick off today!

10. First up for me is James's Birthday. I love LOVE when loved ones have milestones or events going on and I am able to celebrate it with them. Not sure what we are doing just yet, but of course plan on spoiling him a bit.

9. I am a HUGE Bobby Bones Show fan and the Raging Idiots and Nanci and I are going to see them November 19th, I am soooo excited!!

8. Cooler weather coming through in FL starts this month, hopefully. This morning there was a slight chill in the air, maybe it will last maybe not, but so far so good. It just makes me want to be outside more and run farther.

7. Election time will be here and I am just so ready for it to be over, so I can respect people again on Facebook and sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over.

6. Hiring for my staff, doesn't seem like a huge thing to get excited for but it means I have more people in the store with me and it sometimes makes my life a little bit easier.

5. Christmas music starts. I work retail and Christmas drives me crazy just because my job is so crazy BUT I love Christmas music. I have many playlists and Pandora stations. And lets throw in some Christmas movies.

4. Back in the Christmas theme, putting up my tree!!!!! I am one of those people who will have my tree up asap, not this week but next week because I work all crazy hours during December, so I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

3. I get my last full weekend off this month and cant wait!! It means a ton to have those back to back days off.

2. I love pumpkin BUT I REALLY LOVE PEPPERMINT TOO. And everything is minty and mixed with chocolate is my favorite.

1. TURKEY TROT. Probably one of my favorite runs ever. Just the best way to kick off the holiday and holiday season.

What are you most excited for???

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