Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Runner Themed Gifts

Happy Tuesday!!!!

This Tuesday as we are unwinding still from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, we are gearing up for our Christmas Shopping. Santa should be checking his list at least twice by now, as our lists of gifts are piling. I know I have quite a long one compling already and today we are going to help a bit with those in your life who is a runner. Being a runner myself, this list might just be my wish list also lol. So here are some of my favorite runner themed gifts.

10. A FitBit, Garmin, Polar or Apple Watch. I own a FitBit and a Garmin, I use my FB primarily and seriously I got one last year and it was life changing. I love LOVE it. It keeps me accountable but also tracks my miles and calories for all my activity, you can link your running app to it also and it will transfer to the app and keep track. I love anything that keeps you motivated and the Apple Running Watch, does just that also. It even asks you if we are running today.

9. Clothes. As a runner it is always super motivating to get out there in a cute or new pair of pants or shorts and a new shirt. Wearing a new outfit and showing it off is always fun, but new clothes just makes me feel more confident.

8. Runner's Calendar. I have a runner's calendar that is a page by day one and I love it. It has funny quotes and motivating quotes. Each day  it is something new and I have saved many of the pages to use later on.

7. Bluetooth headphones. Seriously your runner will love these. They are life changing. Freed up from cords and great quality. Research them to find the best one for you.

6. Virtual Runs. I think the gift of a virtual run would not only be motivating, something that you can do together but also a great way to keep running and you get a medal from it. Choose one for kicking off the new year right. I highly recommend GoneForARun.com

5. Running themed jewelry. One thing runners love is showing off some bling and we love to wear it proudly. Milestones Sports Jewelry is a great place to get your runner some super cute bling to help motivate and congratulate each of those milestones they accomplished and want to forever remember.

4. Running Planner. This probably could go in the same as calendar, but a fitness planner is awesome for a runner, especially those who are very visual. Documenting those special runs, not so special, miles for the weeks and months. Something they can use to look back on and even help learn from.

3. Running safety gear. These make awesome stocking stuffers, so as reflective gear, to make sure for those early morning or dark  nights your runner is safe and will be seen by those driving.

2. Medal Holder or Bib Holder. They ran the race and earned the medals, now lets display them. Medal and Bib Holders can be custom or by one predone, but they are so nice and look great with all those unique and special moments.

1. Make it personal. My biggest runners themed gift idea is take a picture of them finishing a race, one that really changed them, one that had the biggest influence on their running, print the picture and frame it, believe me it could be the best gift all year.

Happy Shopping. Make sure to check out my Running Sole Sister Nanci too and see her suggestions.