Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Good Start to the Year

Okay let us take a minute and reflect that it is now the end of January. Holy heck another time just flying on by. I know I say this all the time but god it just flys by. So lets reflect back on this month.

I had some pretty high hopes for this month and they fell a little bit short because of being sick. I was sick the beginning of the month for two days, which I believe accounted for my time of the month and then this last week, I was sick for the whole week, finally feeling better towards the end.

I ended up doing pretty well on my half marathon training. I didn't do a whole lot of cross train because at times I consider my job my cross train, I mean I can earn 10,000 steps in one day there. But I did get 55 miles in this month and 945 left to go for the year lol. I chipped away nicely with that. I did want to add a 12 miler this month but its okay, I will make that up later on.

I have done very well I believe with my eating. Really focusing on my protein and my carbs. Protein has defintely been big for me and I am looking for all chances to get it in when I can. I love protein and a lot of my favorite foods include it, so it isn't hard for me to get it in. Carbs of course are hard. I just love me some carbs, but I have been super mindful and it really is paying off. The other day on my day off, I actually put on some jeans. They were a size 6, they didn't fit a 100% perfect but damn were they close and I wore them, which is a huge win because I love to just wear sweats and leggings on my days off.

I have been taking Biotin for a while now and that is starting to kick in. My hair is growing like a weed and I need a serious hair cut, soon.

My FitBit obsession is still very real and especially now because Nanci got one and we have been doing goal days and work weeks with it. It is so much more fun when you have friends who have one. The motivation is like no other. My water intake this month has been great. I Have really only had one diet coke or diet drink a day. That is big and I have been craving water religiously. Also drinking more tea.

James and I had a great month. We had a couple of date nights, mainly just ordering in and hanging out. But we did get a movie date night and a dinner out. We are way more homebodies than anything, but I think next month, we need a little bit more time out to just have fun.

I watched some great shows on Hulu. The Affair on Showtime is my new jam and can not wait for Season 3 to begin. We binge watched that and Making of a Murderer on Netflix, another must watch.

Financially I probably spent more than I should this month for sure. I started my obsession with my Erin Condren Life Planner and have been buying stickers like crazy, Etsy is a very dangerous place and god they have so many cute ones. I need to limit for sure, but you know what at least I am not buying any clothes, cause lord knows I have too much of those.

One thing this month I did not do enough of, was get together with friends. I didn't have a lunch or coffee date, so that is on my to do this coming month.

And I need to take a moment for myself this month too for a pedi and my hair.

All in all it wasn't a huge loss for the month AND I got some reading done too. I have fallen back into the routine a bit and it has been so nice.

Okay, so tomorrow considering it is February 1, I will post how much fun February will be :0) and I need to get ready to watch Grease Live!!!