Monday, January 25, 2016

Down With Sickness

So 2016 is off to an all around crazy start for me lately! I cant keep to get into a good routine without things going all over the place. Between work, running, keeping up with social activities, the never ending pile of laundry and keeping our house clean, oh trying to dive into a book and finish shows on Netflix, it has been crazy and I have neglected my blog, which is the thing that brings me such happiness. Well I will change that very soon, I have two days coming up this week that are back to back days off and I have made it a point to get some good blogs going with it.

Right now, I just wanted to pop in so quickly to tell you I am here. I am sure if you follow me on Facebook and IG, you know I haven't been doing a whole lot, just running, working, drinking coffee and Being SICK!!! Yup, I have gotten hit with a wicked bad cold/sinus infection. Which cost me a nice 100.00 copay today when I went into the Urgent Care because I Have not set up a new doctor yet.

Being an adult and a healthy adult sure does suck! But I got some meds because as much as I was trying to ride it out, I just was not getting better and it was staying the same and getting worse,  not the best combo and I can not take off anymore time with work, too much going on. And I have Best Damn Race on February 6th.

I can not wait to run that half marathon. Long distance running is my love and my jam, Seriously it just makes me feel alive again. The long miles, the tiredness, the sweat and just the pure satisification of the long run just gets me. I went out last Wednesday and did 10 miles and it was amazing. I felt so good, I had a great pace and I did the 5:1's with Galloway. I felt really, really good. I had such a runners high, the only high I ever want to chase. I felt good all day and then at night and the next day I got hit with a fever and the sickness and took away my high.

I haven't ran since. I haven't had the energy and I couldn't breathe through my nose. I am really, really wanting to run 12 miles on Thursday. I am going to attempt and see what happens. I am not getting up super early, go in the mid morning and just see how it goes. I honestly just want to sweat, BUT not get myself worse. On Wednesday  I am going to do go to the gym and do some strength and stretching. I have completed 10 miles, so I know I can do the 13.1, it is all about just getting me healthy and there.

I plan on diving into a really good post on Wednesday to why and how I got my running grove back  because I seriously have gotten it back and it feels great.

The one thing with being sick that sucks is how I look at myself. I have been feeling so great lately, not bloated at all. Or hungry to say the least too. My Fitness Pal, has really been great for me. I have been making some great choices with food and knowing what my body is wanting and responding too. While the scale isn't always moving, I am seeing some major improvements in my body and how I am feeling.

Honestly, that is where I am at right now. Just getting myself away from being sick, which by the way, I was given this bug from James. He was sick and then thought I could really use it.

Men, I tell ya!!