Friday, January 1, 2016

My 16 Goals for 2016

While I am not a fan of resolutions into the new year, I do love the idea of setting up goals and ideas and intentions into the new year. Mainly things that I didn't get to do in 2015 but would love to go forward with it in 2016 and a lot of these are things I do now, just continuing it on.

1. A reading challenge with  my Good Reads app to read 50 books this year. I love to read and setting a goal would make me read even more. I need to put down my phone more or the TV, and just unwind with a book and not social media :0)

2. Run a sub 30 minute 5k. I had this on my goal in 2015 but with my accident it didn't happen and I am on a quest to chase that number.

3. PR a half marathon and it doesn't have to happen in a race. My Best Half Time is 2;29. I am coming for that number this year. 

4. Run a 1000 miles this year. This is my year again to get back into my love of running and really focus back into it.

5. Use a plan to have an exercise program, not only with the running but toning and strength training more, focusing on my arms and thighs.

6. Resulting in by the end of the year losing 15 pounds.

7. Continuing  to count calories and incorporate Macro and Flexible dieting.

8. Focus more on my blog and getting back to writing more posts and using my Facebook Page with it.

9. Buy a new car!!!!! I am very excited about this one, not about having a car payment again but it is time.

10. Focus on financial focus by saving more money, using a plan of saving deposits, like the 52 week challenge.

11. Do more experiences with James, such as more movies, concerts, plays, brewery tours, more outings together, rather than our typical day offs.

12. Continue on my path with my job and growing my career more with Things Remembered.

13. Grow my friendships deeper and spend more times with them, more coffee and wine dates, especially a girls lunch or girls day.

14. Inspire and motivate more those around me.

15. Writing down at night before bed, 1-5 positives or happiness from the day in my journal. That way I can read them back at the end of year.

16. Lastly, loving myself more. Focusing on more self love and bettering myself, taking care of the inside and the outside.

I love these and the idea that it is more of what I am doing now and just making it better.

So what are some things you want to accomplish in 2016???!!!