Sunday, January 10, 2016

A High Note, Crappy and then Pretty Amazing

Happy Sunday!!

Man oh man do I love having Sunday off, there is just something about having that day off that just truly makes everything feel better in the world...

And today has been set up for satisfaction.

While I am ready for football to be over a little bit so James can stop being super crazy, it is an excuse to have him home every Sunday, as long as the Redskins are playing. It has been awesome. And we have started a tradition to go out to breakfast each morning we have off. We have been trying new places too which is so much fun. I love our little moments together and then we just spend the rest of the day relaxing and cheering on the Skins.

But wait let me back up from this week....

So my Half Marathon training had been going really well lately. I finally get back into a routine as work has slowed down and life can go back to normal again. Monday I had to get in 5 miles and I did that after work, which I am  not a huge fan of, but I love to sleep more, so I have to do what I have to do.

But Monday and Tuesday I started feeling a bit off. I was excited to get my long run in on Wednesday because it was my other day off. Well I set my alarm on Wednesday and my whole body just ached. I mean seriously from top to bottom and I was so tired. Even the thought of getting out of bed was horrible. My throat and ears were hurting a bit and my face felt like it had a fever brewing. I know it was happening and I was getting sick. It was horrible feeling. I hated the idea of moving my long run around.

Wednesday I laid around and took it easy, with maybe the idea I will run in the morning again. As you can guess I woke up feeling horrible again. I thought I could make it through the day at work but then things started going south for me. I had to call out of work and I NEVER do that. I spent the day on the couch and in my bed. I didn't change or move and finally my fever broke. James even brought me home a frosty to make me feel better.

Friday I woke up feeling a lot better and I was anxious to get running and sweat a bit. So I took it easy and got in 2 miles. It felt good and gave me the endorphin and energy back I needed. I was set up for a great day, until I got to my car....

My car was dying. I mean I turned it on and it literally sounded like it was going to blow up. I was scared to drive it and AGAIN had to use some PTO and call out AGAIN....

But then this happened...

To fix my car it would have cost so  much more than put down a down payment on this beauty. So James and I headed to the dealership and after a long 7 hours, I got this gorgeous car. 2012 Chevy Cruze with 3700 miles on it. The inside is perfect, it rides amazing and I have a car again with AC. I am so stinking happy and can cross one of the biggest goals of my year off my list. I felt beyond accomplished being able to get this car. I had saved and put emergency fund aside and felt confident going into that dealership.

I almost feel like it isn't mine still.

On Saturday, I knew I had to get my long run in. I brought my clothes to work, so I would change and make no excuses. Well Mother Nature had another idea, and it was pouring rain. I wanted nothing more than just relax but I took myself it our little gym and got running on the treadmill. I started off with the new show, Shades of Blue and I kept setting different miles, steps or time I would get off. I knew I had to do 8 miles, but I hate the treadmill so much I was negotiating with  myself a bunch.

Then on Hulu I found my beloved Sons of Anarchy and watched the final episode and made it through the 8 miles. It was literally hell. I can never get a good rhythm when I am running on that machine, I get distracted and cant focus. But I was not giving up. And god it hurts a lot running on that thing too BUT I made it through. 8 miles completely done.

I only missed 3 miles last week, but I know I can make that up for sure this week.

This week started off great, went crappy and then ended on one of the best high notes.

So the first official week of the new year has been pretty great. Hope yours has been also!

Here is too the second week being just as great!!!