Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Food Finds

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!

It is a super rainy day and night here in the sunshine state lol. This morning James and I woke up too rain and no power, it was beyond strange because the storm is not bad at all, but our whole apartment complex was with out power. You tend forget how privalaged you are when you go with out power for hours. I can not imagine going without power for days.

The first thing out of James mouth and thought in my head, was COFFEE! haha, duh priotories. I saved the day and went to Dunkin for our fix. Thank god for DUNKIN!!! I then had a conference call to take care of and then the whole day was mine. We were out of power till around 1:30, so I organized my desk and worked on my Erin Condren Life planner and read some of a book. And went to Big Lots to get some steps in and well shop a bit lol.

While looking at my phone, bored for a bit, I realized I had taken pictures of some new to me products I am loving lately and figured I would do a New Finds Post, which I love. I found most of these items at Walmart and some at Target, but I believe you can find all at Walmart, I know the Publix by me does not have these items yet.

Okay, so these are NEW FOOD FINDS,
But it is a Back to us Food Find! Taco
Tuesday is back in our lives, I mean
Two Tacos, side of chips and a drink
for 5.00!!!

Next Time You go to Chili's make sure
you get the Skinny Rita! 110 calories
and soooo delicious! 

I finally found these!!! I have been
searching FOREVER! I found them at a Super
Target and they are so delicious and super
easy to make and perfect for on the go.

The gum I found at Target and I love gum and
cookie dough and key lime pie, seriously it craves
a sweet tooth like no other. The yogurt is amazing, mint
and chocolate is for me and these Fiber One bars are really
light and refreshing!

These are amazing. The blueberry one is my favorite!
A little crunch and 100 calories for the whole thing.
Perfect for with breakfast, dessert or just a snack!

I had this before I went on a run and it
was perfect!! Kept me full  and gave me
some really good energy and an easy way to
get some protein in the morning. 

Okay so this one was not great. I love yogurt and spicy, but
this just did not go together well at all. I finished it but
will not be buying it again.

I LOVE THESE!!! The sharp cheddar is 90 calories, 3 come in a
pack and the chocolate is 100 calories. Perfect quick snack. I
always through one in my purse or lunch bag.

Another good one. Not my favorite but the cone pieces
were a nice touch.

I don't always eat meals like these but
I have found how easy they are to have
at work, and this one was really tasty, on clearance
and had a great amount of protein.

Now that I am back to running long distance more
and more, this is the perfect pick me up after and way to
refuel my body. I mean who doesn't love cookies
and milk!

I LOVE YOGURT and Water and so many flavors. I haven't
tried all those yogurts yet, but I will post each one :0)

The dessert pack is from Walmart and it is
Genius. I LOVE portioned out items. The brownie
pieces were awesome and soft and gooey. It was a
perfect combo worth the carbs and calories, when you
make it work.

Great Coffee Flavor and tons of protein
make for an awesome morning. I eat ate least
one form of yogurt a day!

These are portable and easy and perfect snack.
Yes, I am sure  I could make this myself but
I love when it is already done for me!

Another awesome quick snack and find from Walmart. Found in the
produce area.

These are way better then Belvita!! I
mean James loves these two! Perfect
for a pre-run or breakfast with some
fruit or yogurt.

When I need protein in the middle of the day. The
turkey stick is awesome!!

I don't eat these often but again so quick and easy and
this one was so good!! 

Got this at Starbucks and it was so yummy. I got this
mainly because it reminded me of home with the
name and then it tasted even better!