13 weeks to Women's Running Series Half Marathon St. Pete

Well I am doing it again and can not wait. I signed up 2 weeks ago for my 4 half marathon. Hold on, lets just sit back and reflect on that sentence there for a minute, MY FOURTH HALF MARATHON!! AHHH!!! WOOHOO!!! It still amazes me that I have found the courage, strength and determination to run these races, I mean 13.1 miles is a lot of miles, but god do I love it.

So the Women's Running Series is coming to town in November, November 24 to be exact. And a little FYI Women's Running is an awesome magazine, geared towards women and running, umm pretty fantastic. I get a lot of my tips and tricks from the magazine and the cover is usually a pretty radtastic lady, giving great tips of on running, health and life. Pick up a magazine and subscribe.

 Anywho, I signed up and got a pretty great deal from it. When I signed up they offered 10.00 off the price AND a 25.00 gift card to Fit2Run, which happens to be my go to store for my running shoes and other running goodies. Well I am in the need of new running shoes anyway, and even if I wasn't, you cant have too many pairs. So I jumped at this awesome deal and signed up.

So this week began my training, well I don't stick much to a training plan per say, I try too, but I usually don't get to do the tempo or hill runs, I do try to tie in strength training, and a long run on the weekends and then my smaller runs through out the week. And tie in a rest day here or there. This race though I am really going to try to stick to a rhythm and plan, probably starting in September. My work life is cooko bananas at times, so I just try to work what I can, and believe me I make sure to get my running in.

This week was not a great week. I did get my long run in on Sunday, 7 miles, which was fantastic. Ran with my friend Stacey, 7 miles went by so quickly, couldn't even believe, caught the sun rise over the bay, had great conversation and pace, AND my leg and IT band did not bother me at all. That was great, so I think with all my foam rolling and strengthening, it might be really helping.

Monday I used as a rest day because I did an overnight at work and was feeling all wacky all day, and after a long run, I like to take a rest day. Tuesday, I walked to and from the gym with my bff Jacke, we worked out at the gym, tried in machines, haha, was that a sight, some machine where you kneel and pull up, felt great, but we looked hysterical doing it! Wednesday, I became part of the 5 am club with Jacke, lol, we did a very early work out and I have to say as much as I disliked getting up early, it was good. I felt great through out the whole day and had energy, but when I got home from work, I passed out, but a good tired.

Thursday, I ran 2 miles, it was tough, I did it after work, I was feeling tired and lethargic, but I got some mileage, I wanted to go for 3 but I just wasn't having it. Friday, I used a rest day, I was beat and I woke up with a sore throat, more like scratchy and a huge knot in my leg that wouldn't go away. I have learned to listen to your body, so I rested, slept in and took my time. And today, Saturday, I got up and ran 3.13 miles and it was tough. I went out at 9:30, thinking it shouldn't be all that bad. Started the run and I was feeling good, there was a small, and I mean small breeze, but it felt okay, then probably about 5 minutes in, it started to hit me. My feet started to feel like bricks and the heat kicked in, I felt like my legs weighed 800 pounds and all I felt was hot, like steam coming off of me.

I fought through it but at times I literally felt like I was on fire. I remember thinking god when is it ever going to cool down. I got the 3 miles in and I was dripping in sweat, my headband, my arms, my ears, everything covered. I had to pace back and forth to get my barrings straight, the heat and humidty were no joke. I think I need to either get up real early or wait till later to get some runs in. But I am stubborn and I know myself and I wont and continue to put myself through hell, haha!

So week 13 was good, not great, but I did get my activity in. Tomorrow starts week 12 I and I have a plan mapped out. Let's see if I can stick to it! Rest on Sunday and Tuesday, long run Friday (8miles), 3-4 miles Monday, Thursday. Wednesday and Saturday gym!

If your training, running or just working out, how do you plan your time??


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