Overnight Oats: Chocolate Cherry Cordial

I think besides the fact I am really loving these overnight oats, creating them and naming them are even more fun for me! I am being creative and finding different items to mix together to really make something delicious and then coming up with a cute catch name has been super fun. Haha. This mornings overnight oats are brought to you by cherries and chocolate, YUM!! One of my favorite candies of all time are those chocolates with the cherry and liquid inside, when you bite it, the liquid drips all out and the cherry has just that right amount of bite, and the chocolate is rich and creamy. Oh god how I love those candies, so my oats this morning were inspired by those liquid cherry gods!!

Chocolate Cherry Cordial

1/4 cup of Old Fashioned Oats (uncooked)-2pp
1 container of Yoplait 100 Greek Black Cherry Yogurt-2pp
1 Tablespoon of Chocolate Whey Protein Powder-1pp
1 Teaspoon of Mini Semi Sweet Milk Chocolate Chips-1pp

6pp total

Mix all ingredients together in jar, or bowl of choice. Seal lid tightly, put in fridge for overnight.

In the morning stir up the goodness, grab your spoon and drive right in! The chocolate chips give it a perfect little crunch you might crave in the morning and the extra protein powder makes for a much more filling breakfast!



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