Coffee Talk

I love coffee!!!! It seriously gets me by in the morning, keeps me energized in the afternoon and sometimes it is a great pairing with dessert, and coffee, iced or hot, is great anytime of the day for me. I have a Keurig and I love that darn machine, genius!! I am very much a flavored coffee girl, I grew to love Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla iced coffee, while living in Boston. I grew to appreciate regular coffee with cream and sugar during College, but now I have a whole new way of drinking my coffee. Before I would order it Light and Sweet, an so sweet that there would be a coating of sugar on the bottom, so when you sipped, you got liquid sugar. Ouch!!

Now I cant imagine ever going back to that way, I think I would go into a sugar shock. I have my coffee when ordering from Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or any coffee establishment, with 3 splenda and skim milk. I will indulge in flavors, and if they have syrups, I always make it sugar free. When home I use whatever flavored or regular coffee I have, still 3 splenda and I use my all time favorite sugar free Coffeemate Creamer French Vanilla. I always measure out my 1 tablespoon, because if I go over, so does the points. Sugar Free creamer is Zero points. If I use regular creamer, flavored or not, I still measure and they tend to run around 1pp. Just wait to the ones I find!!

I have found something that seems to work really well for me. Today, I tried something different, I used just a Skinny Syrup Mocha flavored and my 3 Splenda and a new flavored coffee find.

I like to get my flavored Keurig cups from Bed, Bath and Beyond because they have a great variety and I can use my coupons with them. While there I saw these Skinny Syrups by Jordan. The stats are 0pp which I love and there were tons of different flavors to try also. I picked up the Mocha so it would go with the Cherry Chip Swirl.

This morning I brewed my coffee and added the syrup in without adding any other creamer. My first attempt at not a light coffee and I LOVED it. The syrup was perfect, I really got to taste the coffee, which was also TO DIE FOR!!! Perfect cherry and chocolate flavor. I am pure heaven. I will be buying these syrups more often and branching out my coffee love. I will not be giving up on my creamer though just yet!!


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