Weekly Weigh In: A Gain but A Win

This past week has been a hard one, I wasn't on vacation, but a family member was down and it was as if I was on vacation with them. We ate out every night, which I was very happy about because we made awesome choices and got to indulge in restaurants that we never get out too. My BF and I eat in at least 6 days of the week, so to be able to go out and enjoy someone else cooking for me, is more than a treat, its pure heaven.

I know the correct way to eat for sure. I have this healthy eating down to a science at times, but sometimes I forget or stir away and just enjoy. But this week I did really good, I thought, I mean I did forget to say dressing on the side with my Chicken Cesar Salad, I did steal some chips from the bag that came as a side with my Crab Cake Sandwich, I did enjoy the whole serving of Chicken Pad Thai, and I did have an extra couple of pieces of bread in the beginning of two meals.

I am HUMAN! I am flawed, but you know what it was fantastic. It tasted great and did not regret it one bit. Eating out with family was great, made for awesome conversation and memories. Isn't it funny how food does that for us??!!

Even though I ate out every day, I did work out when I could. I went to the gym, did at home exercises, and got at least 3 runs, including one long one, 7 miles. The 7 miler was awesome and felt great, no pain, great pace, and had awesome company. So the working out evens out the bad eating. I thought for sure when I went to weigh in this morning, I was going to gain at least 3 pounds. I decided to weigh in this morning, rather than evening, even though I'm off from work today because I had the time in the morning and that way I could just chill out today.

Well when I stepped on the scale, I had gained .6! Only .6, I was thrilled! I mean I am not happy with the fact it is a gain, I don't want that at all, but a half of a pound is okay to me. I will get that .6 off and then some this week. I am back on track, keeping to my points and getting in my exercise. So even though it is a gain, I am happy it is not as bad as I was thinking.

It proves that Weight Watchers does work, even during a bad week, and something out of the ordinary, I did great. That is a win all on its own!


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