Slimming Down & Saving On Starbucks

I love Starbucks and their crafty drinks, I do not love however the point values that come with the expensive beverage, but I do indulge when I can. When I went on vacation back in July and order a Venti Iced Green Tea Latte, and found out the points were 12, I was sickened. I hate giving up 12 points for one item. I ended up drinking only half of it. I know I ordered it all the wrong way, whole milk, a size too big, not needed at all, that's where I started the mistake, but the biggest one was it was close to 6.00 dollars and I didn't even get satisfaction out of it.

So I started pinning on pinterest easier ways to make green tea latte or green tea fraps. A lot of them mentioned Green Tea powder, which is quite hard to find or very expensive, especially for something I probably wont make or use everyday. Then today I found it at Target, not the powder but Green Tea Latte concentrate you mix with milk or milk substitute!!! Woohoo!

I grabbed it and couldn't wait to make it. You mix 1/2 cup of the green tea concentrate with 1/2 cup of milk of your choice. Stir and serve hot or over ice. I choose Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk for mine over ice, with a single Splenda packet. I also squirted a little bit of Fat Free Reddi Whip and sipped away.

My version came to 3 pp for what I would consider a grande!! Starbucks evens out to 6pp! 3pp savings and less than the 5.00 they would charge.

Coffee house taste, savings in my pocket and on my waist!!


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