August Goals

I have seen a lot on Instagram and other websites today of everyone posting August goals, I actually see this every month and this month I am jumping on the bandwagon. I love this idea because I love having accountability!!

Here ya go:

1. Drink more water, at least 80oz
2. Include some salt into my long runs ( I seem to sweat it out and it helps with cramping and running)
3. Use Nuun when running outside
4. Run in my stretchy shorts at least once (comfort zone)
5. Don't relay on Tylenol for pain, unless really really needed
6. Earn activity points at least 6 times a week
7. Start a half marathon training program
8. Include strength training
9. Average 30 activity points a week
10. Increase long run mileage each week.
11. By the 30th, I should have had at least one 8 miler in.
12. Stick to my 26 points, try really hard too.
13. If I tap into my 49 extra points, I will only us 10, well maybe 15 if its a rough week :0)
14. And be down 6 pounds, which would get me into the 140's zone!!!!

I really like these goals and they are ones that if I stick to it, I can totally accomplish them and crush it. 

Reflect in 29 days!!


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