Slimming Down and Saving on Starbucks: Iced Chai Latte Edition

Sunday I posted about finding my Green Tea Iced Latte and slimming it down, well while I was there I also picked up an Sugar Free Chai Latte concentrate also. I follow Undressed Skeleton as a blogger and she posted this recipe a while back. I pinned it to my pinterest but forgot about it or just didn't have the right ingredients for it.

Now I finally did!!

The serving size of the concentrate is 1/2 for 0pp. I used a full cup, which was also 0pp. I wanted a larger drink, think Venti. Mix the concentrate with 1 cup of Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk (1pp) and pour over ice. Quick, easy and oh so tasty. You would never believe you made it at home OR the fact the whole drink is 1pp!! If you make it has a half cup or grande, it is still 1pp. I like more for my buck, so I make it double. Amazing!! The concentrate cost about 3.59 and the Almondmilk ran me about 2.00. Which just the two items alone cost the same amount as one drink at Starbucks.

Now  I am not hating on Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I LOVE COFFEE SHOPS, but I do not love calories and wasting my money. I am trying to live a healthy and happy life and sometimes you gotta make some changes. Believe me when you try this, you will never miss the real thing.

Sip Away!!

1/2 cup of concentrate
1/2 cup of Almondmilk 
Mix and Enjoy over ice or for winter or cooler months, heat it up!


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