Motivational Monday: Everyone is a Runner

I believe this to be a 100% true. I am a runner. I may walk water stations, due splits, sometimes walk a whole mile. I may run only 2 miles one day, and 7 the next. Some days I take a day off from running and just work out. Some days I just take a whole day of rest, just to let my body regain its strength and awesomeness back. No matter what I take pride in the fact I call myself a runner. I get up early, tie my shoes and hit the pavement. Sometimes the pavement hits back, the heat is so strong and the run kills me, but there is no greater feeling then saying I have completed a run. Its not about the pace, or the time, its about gaining those miles.

I just run!!

Anyone can do it. There is no right or wrong way. There are tons of articles on how to start running, where to begin, what to do, what to wear, eat, drink, etc but the easiest way to run, is just get out the front door and then everything else just falls into place.

Hope you hit the ground running!!!


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