Chobani Flip: Key Lime Crumble

First off I love yogurt!! I love low fat yogurt, flavored, Greek, plain, all kinds!! And I am always out looking for what is new and exciting in the yogurt world, I know I lead an exciting life!!

So when these Chobani Flips came out, I was all about it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find them here in Florida right away, when I went home in March to New York, I was able to find them and I fell in love. There are probably at least 10 different kinds of flips, vanilla with oats, pineapple with coconut and walnuts, blueberries with chia seeds and walnuts, coconut with dark chocolate and toasted almonds, peach with dark chocolate chips and pistachios, and my favorite key lime with white chocolate chips and graham cracker pieces.

The flip part of the yogurt is the cup is split up into to two sections. One section holds the Key Lime Low Fat Greek Yogurt and the other section holds the White Chocolate Pieces with Graham Cracker Pieces. You flip the fun side into the Key Lime yogurt and mix if you so choose. It feels up the yogurt section and the candy and graham pieces are the perfect ratio to yogurt size. When you eat it, it really tastes like a Key Lime Pie, just less calories. It truly is fantastic.

I think the fact I live in Florida is why I love Key Lime so much, but this really hits the spot for that caloric craving. This particular one is 4pp and 180 calories. I eat it as breakfast, lunch, snack and a dessert sometimes.

You can find these now at most supermarkets, Targets, and Walmart. Check out Chobani and find one you love!!

Ones I have tried
Key Lime Crumble-4pp
Peachy Pistachio-6pp
Blueberry Power-6pp
Almond Coco Loco- My Second Favorite-6pp
Honey BeeNana- 4pp
Raspberry Choco Fix- 4pp


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