Weekly Weigh In: Success

After having a very rough weigh in last week, I was super determined to make this weigh in a success. Starting from Tuesday after my meeting, I got some activity in, I really tracked my points this week and limited myself from eating over my points, and if I did, it was only to be no more than 3 points and I would have had to worked out earlier. I was strict up until this weekend, we have company in town and eating out is a big thing. I know what to do and have been really structured, its just sometimes because how it is prepared and so forth, but I have stuck to my healthy options and made sure I am getting my activity in to off set it.

I decided to weigh in this morning rather than at my normal evening meeting because I am going downtown to do a Fun Run 5K at Fit2Run, its a fun run to kick off the Women's Running Half Marathon in November. The WW center doesn't open until 9:30, so before hand I had a conference call to do, so I got up and while I watched Chelsea Lately, I did some kettlebell exercises and resistance band stretches. I made sure I kept moving during the whole show. I loved it, I was doing something I was planning on doing and getting exercise in, AMAZING!! I should have done this before. And I can promise I am going to be doing this more often, especially in the morning.

After I changed into my light clothes and went to the center. All I had before hand was a cup of coffee.

I LOST 4.6 pounds!!!

I lost the weight I had gained last week and .2 extra!! Felt great to see that number. Not sure what was going on last week but I am glad it is gone and I am keeping it gone for sure!!!! I am treating ever week as if I had a large gain the week prior to keep my structured for sure.

Last week:
This Week:
83.4 lost


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