Weekly Weigh In: Every Little Bit Helps

Tuesday has come around yet again, which means my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in day. I have to admit as much as I dread the scale sometimes, I love the idea of hoping on there and finding out how my week is. I mean when I first started I could sense if it was going to be a good week or a bad week, most of the time I was happy to see it go down, or said it to go up just a little bit, and at times just shocked, either I had a huge increase, like that bizarre 4 pounds I had a while back or when I got on once and lost 5 pounds and had no clue how it happened.

Well today was one of those days! First before we all get excited thinking I lost 5 pounds, stop because that is not the case, haha, I truly wish. But when I got to WW today I really had no clue what direction this weigh in was going to be going. I had a decent week, it was sort of a weird week for me. I have been going non stop with work, no days off and longer hours, so my life has been a little crazy. I have been trying to fit in my work outs running around that, making good meals and really trying to not eat out. I wish I got more running in this past week, but I guess my body was telling me it will be okay.

I had to work this morning, so I knew I was going to weigh in tonight at my meeting not in the morning like I had the last couple of mornings. I love my Tuesday meetings but waiting all day to weigh in, kills me at times. I know I can eat whatever, but subconsciously I think I cant drink or eat a lot because it will add on those extra pounds, crazy I know. So I ate light today and made it to my meeting on time. And to my awesome surprise when I weighed in I was down 1.2.

Woohoo!! I love LOVE watching that number go down. Even if it is a surprise I still get such a satisfaction and I know that this journey I am on is just where I need to be. I am weighing a weight number I never ever knew I could be, I mean I haven't weighed this low or looked this great ever, I am sure I did in Middle School but I don't ever remember feeling this great.

So no matter the surprise, how I got there or what got me there, I am just happy to be here! I am happy to continue to lose, I have a goal in mind and Every Little Bit Helps and gets me there!

One pound or One Point Two this time at A Time!!


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