Rabbit, Rabbit

I remember when I was in school, someone said that if you say Happy Birthday or Rabbit, Rabbit when you wake up the first of the month, it will bring you good luck, and well I am all about good luck!! So this morning, I uttered Rabbit, Rabbit and started my day. Good luck apparently does not want to be much on my side because I woke up feeling like crap. The back of my throat and the inside of my ear were really hurting me and all week I have been experiencing some stupid sinus issues, dull headaches, pain behind the eyes, stuffy nose and the list goes on. I am really trying to not take any Tylenol or ib. because I heard they contain a lot of sodium which can result in weight gain, weird I know but it happened to me once before. I download a cup of Vitamin C and got a work out in at the gym. Did 30 minutes on the bike and then 30 minutes of legs and some arms. Felt good but I was just trying to cover up the pain I believe. Ran some errands and then came home to cook a phenomenal breakfast.

Having a day off allows me to spend some time in the kitchen that I normally do not have time for. I scrambled egg whites, with peppers and hot sauce. Laid them on top of Whole Wheat Thomas Bagel Thin, smeared with a tablespoon of avocado, and then included 2 pieces of turkey bacon! DELICIOUS!!! It was filling and satisfying and came out to 6pp! Just the amount of pp I like to start my day off with.

The rest of my day off was spent just relaxing. I wanted to lay out by the pool and finally get some sun, but of course, mid summer Florida thunderstorms. I laid out for at least an hour and then made my way indoors. I did get some color and made it through half of a magazine, which I never seem to accomplish these days. For lunch I indulged in a BLT, FIT Popcorn, a plumout, some pickles, and a sugar free chocolate pudding cup! I seriously love day offs haha! BLT was of course made with turkey bacon and reduced calorie bread, some lettuce and a slice of tomato. I also put 1 tsp of Dijoinaise on there to give it a little bit of a kick. FIT popcorn is 37 calories per cup and I had 2! Very satisfying and its the popcorn that is Biggest Loser approved.    

After lunch I just wasn't feeling all that great, so I curled up to a nap. Woke up and felt just drained. Made the decision to not participated in a local gym's fun run that they do every Thursday night. I think my body is trying to give me some signals its a little run down and need just some time to chill out. I hate feeling weak, its my biggest pet peve of myself, but I am giving in and have just been relaxing. I have to say it has been sort of nice. Dinner is cooking in the crock pot and just waiting for the boy to get home, so we can dive into some turkey chili.

So despite how I am feeling, maybe August will turn out to be good in my favor.


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