Subscription Boxes: Love With Food Edition

As I have stated most likely before I have a slight new found love for subscription boxes, I think they are pure genius and tons of fun. I love seeing those little boxes sitting outside my door when I get home, I get all giddy and childlike. I literally bust through the door and unwrap and tear open those boxes like I am a kid on Christmas morning, which by the way, is the exact same way I am on Christmas morning, what can I say I love presents. And what better present then a box full of awesome new food to try! Bonus!!!

On Facebook there was a deal with Love With Food box, sign up and get your first box free, or just try the box for free. I figured why the heck not. I wasn't ready to spend another 10.00 a month, if I wasn't sure what it was. The reviews looked good and the website showed some pretty awesome products they have done in the past, so I signed up. The neat thing I thought was it said, will this be just one time thing, cancel after you receive your first box or make it a monthly subscription. I said cancel after because I already signed up for Runnerbox, Bulu Box and BeStowed! I know I have a slight problem, haha. I love mail!! The mail lady even said to me "Oh your the one who gets all those little boxes"! I laughed and smiled big, "Yup that's me"

So I signed up for Love with Food and it only cost me $2.00, for shipping, I am totally okay with that. I received the box yesterday and it is awesome!!!! Placed in all read box, with Love with Food on the front, I tore right in. 8 gourmet styled items with inside, all different flavors and kinds. Snappea Crips, Bops Chips, Pralines, Salsa cup, Mints, Almond Snacks, Dizzy powder and Rip Van Wafels. Which that Rip Van Wafel made me smile because I come from the land of Rip Van Winkle, Woot Woot :0)!!

I was very impressed and surprised at the sizes and variety. Inside the box is a description of each item, where they are from and where you can purchase them through their website. I need over the Snappea Crisps, I had purchased them from Whole Foods last month, everything else was new to me and I was very excited about that. If there is one thing I have learned is always try something new to keep you on track.

Due to the fact I live in Florida having items sent to you that are food related is sometimes a downfall, they tend to melt! So the praline was looking very small and melted, so I figured I might as well put it out of its misery and eat the poor guy. I didn't even look up the points, I know, I know, bit, lick, nibble, track everything. Hey, I have a slip up every now and again, plus I know I ate it, I am not trying to hide it. The praline was too die for!! It was delicious and sweet and gooey. Pure heaven. They are made out in New Orleans and I am very tempted to go to Aunt Sally's just to get one more.  I mean it was amazing!

The last praline I ate was a sugar free one from Russell Stovers for 2pp, haha, this was way more than that. I didn't try anything else in the box yet, I had to control myself because I probably could have. I put them in the kitchen in a bowl where every day I could grab one, COUNT THE POINTS, and try something new.

If your interested in subscriptions boxes, I think they are a great and inexpensive way to try new products and see what else is out there. You can order the products sampled online and most of the time they give you coupons to use or discount codes. There are tons out there to choose from, I did Love With Food because it was cheap to try, PLUS, when you purchase a box with them, they donate a meal to a family in need, how AWESOME is that!!!

Check them out at Love With Food

I am sure I will be posting about the awesome samples I received!

Happy Mail Day!!


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