Motivational Monday: Comfort Zone

How true this is!!!! I remember when I first started running and working out, I felt like the world was looking at me and staring all the time! I would never push myself because I feared they would see me in a bad angel, or think geez she really needs to be here more than me! The truth was I did, I did need to be there more than them because I needed to feel how they felt. I would hate doing things by myself, such as going to the gym. I thought I would be bored or alone. Turns out, I really enjoyed it. It is my time. The same thing with running, you don't always need a partner, you can do it on your own. Having a running partner is amazing, fun and makes the time fly, but change yourself first!! Know you can do it on your own first before you bring someone else into it. Then get your partner and make those miles your friend, not your enemy.

Own your body. Who cares if you jiggle, who cares if you sweat, or look horrible. You want to look that way, because running or going to the gym or a fitness class, they are doing the same things that you are doing and accomplishing the same results, BECOMING A BETTER VERSION OF WHO YOU ARE!!

Have a great Monday and Challenge yourself to do something awkward or out of your comfort zone, because believe me that is where your life will begin!


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