Proper Planning with Traveling

With my job, I tend to travel one extra day a week. I bring my lunch to work every day so travel days aren't that bad for me, meal wise, but being in the car for hours can be dangerous. I make sure I pack my snacks and lunch for the whole day. I tend to eat at least every 2 hours, if its an apple, carrots, protein bar or something to that nature, that way I am full and satisfied.

I also make sure I have plenty of water, my coffee to start the day and maybe a diet coke or any diet soda to have an extra bit of flavor. I make sure I pack something that has a crunch factor sense to it, like popcorn or almonds. If it is a longer trip, I will stop for an iced coffee, just for a little pick me up. I buy the largest lunch box I can find.
 For this trip I brought baby carrots, Jalapeno Cilantro hummus, apples mixed with cinnamon, a turkey sandwich with hot mustard, lettuce on reduced calorie bread, a 72oz bottle of water with some crystal light and a banana.

The one pictured I got from Big Lots. I got such a great deal with it too. On clearance for 10.00 then got 20% off, too good of a deal to pass up!! I buy a large one so I can always keep it filled with water bottles, snacks and meals, no excuses. This is my lunch bag I take everywhere with me. I don't care that it is bigger than my own purse, haha! It keeps me on track and on my healthy path and all that is what matters.

If your looking for a big lunch insulated lunch bag like mine, this is the time of year to get one. Back to school is starting and a lot of retail stores are carrying them now, cute ones too! Big Lots and Home Goods are fantastic stores to find the bigger styles. Go out and get one for yourself!!


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