Sunrise/Sunset Sunday

I really enjoy having Sunday's off and luckily with my job I get most Sunday's off, I really only have to work one Sunday a month,  due to this I make sure, well try really hard, to make Sunday's my long run days or Saturday mornings before I close. I really love making my Sunday's my long run days because afterwords, I feel pretty great, I can get my groceries done, clean my car, the house, I can ice my injury and then have the whole day to just relax and unwind, usually by the pool or beach, I'm pretty blessed!

This morning I took advantage and dragged my butt out of bed at 6:00, threw on my running clothes and headed downtown to do my favorite run. I packed myself an extra water, used my fuel belt with water and a Nuun in each bottle, Cherry Limeade flavor, and brought my lunch bag with ice packs, two for my leg and knee and then two to keep my Chocolate Milk I had in my tervis, to stay nice and cold after the run. Oh and also my towel, to wipe my very sweaty body. I keep my towel wrapped around my ice packs so when I come back and use it, it is cold and refreshing, it seriously could be the best feeling ever after those runs.

Kicked off my mileage at about 7:00. It was beautiful out, caught the sunrise, which even after all these years, still manages to take my breath away as it rises over the Bay. I even had to stop and take a picture today of it.

 Felt strong and my feet and legs with moving at a great pace, no pain and my legs felt like they were actually moving. Had some issues with Pandora, I really need to make a good running play list because Pandora can get overplayed sometimes. There was a slight breeze, nothing fantastic, I wish there was more of one. About mile 4, I had to stop to use the restroom, thankfully they were open and I needed to wipe my eyes, the sweat was moving right into my eyeball and stinging my contacts. Took a minute to wipe my face then got right back in the rhythm.

I ran 6:1's this morning. At mile 4, my Runtastic app said I had a pace of 8:40, I was shocked for that mile, I think it lost GPS for a minute, but I do remember just gliding along. Sometimes I get so lost in the running, I don't realize what pace I am going, I'm just looking around, getting lost in the music and atmosphere. At the tail end of mile 5 the sun was really strong, it had risen and was beating right down on me. I left my sunglasses in the car because it looked overcast, I could have used them then. The sun was strong and I tried to find some shade but then just gave up and carried on. I walked for about a minute more at the end of the mile just to catch myself up a bit and avoid the sun.

I finished strong with 6.11 miles in a 1:03min and a pace of 10:29, which is a PR for me. I was very happy with my run this morning and I felt great. I got back to my car, immediately stretched my leg, got my chocolate milk which was so chill, it stung! I was dripping in sweat, just standing there it was pouring off of me, it was coming out of the insides of ears!! Once I cooled down a bit, the AC was blasting I head home. Stopped at Walmart to pick up some healthy goodies, yogurt and Almond milk and some Edys Slow Churned Take The Cake ice cream, which is fantastic. The cashier made me laugh, she said you know there is always time for ice cream, doesn't matter, it goes perfect when your sad and happy. I have to say I agree a 100% with her!!

After my little Walmart trip, came back to our place, busted out my foam roller, rolled out my knots and showered and continued my day with my love. I had to take some Tylenol today because my leg was aggravated for sure and we were going to be doing some walking around a lot. We took in a farmers market, had an amazing lunch at Daily Eats,  dinner on the beach and caught the sunset. I was lucky to see the sunrise and sunset all in the same day, How more lucky could one person get!!? I would have to say this was a pretty successful day off and a great way to start the week!

How Beautiful!!!


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