A New Twist on Grilled Cheese

I love comfort food. And I tend to consider a lot of items as comfort food, such as pizza, pasta, chili, tomato soup and grilled cheese. I make sure that I can still enjoy these comfort foods whenever I want, but making them in a better, more point friendly, healthier way. As you know from posts before I love and follow anything and everything Hungry Girl, in one of her cookbooks, she had a sandwich section and grilled cheese was a topic of many pages, plus she had many emails sent out about the glorious, ooey gooey sandwich.

BWW, or better know as Before Weight Watchers, I used to make my grilled smothered in butter, with at least 4 pieces of cheese and on whole wheat bread. Yes, I would be the person to order a large fry, double cheese burger and a Diet Coke, like it was really going to make a difference, so me making my old grilled cheese on wheat rather than white, I felt like I was eating better, HA!! Now don't get me wrong it was still delicious, but way to fatty.

Hungry Girls version and now adapted to mine, eliminates all those points, calories and fat. I use as adapted by her, One piece of Reduced or Fat Free Cheese Single, One Wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese as my cheese portions. I was skeptical at first, that I would not be satisfied without all the cheese, I was wrong. The cheese wedge mixed with the single is the perfect ratio of cheese. This is the only way I make my grilled cheese now.

This recipe is my new favorite grilled cheese! I added guacamole and tomato to a plain old grilled cheese and gave it a even creamier, spicy, kick. Enjoy!!

Tomato, Guacamole Grilled Cheese
2 slices of reduced calorie wheat bread (2pp)
1 slice of Reduced or Fat Free Cheese Single (1pp)
1 wedge of Laughing Cow Creamy Light Swiss (1pp)
2 Slices of Tomato (0pp)
1 tablespoon of store bought guacamole- I used Spicy, pre- made portion guacamole packets from Publix, the whole packet is 2pp but I used half to make it (1pp)
10 sprays of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray

Spray your pan with non stick spray and set to medium heat.

On the bread spread the cheese wedge evenly on both pieces. Break the cheese single in half and lay a piece on each side or the whole piece on one side, doesn't really matter. Spread guacamole evenly on both pieces and put a slice of tomato on each piece.

Close sandwich. Spray the top piece of bread with Can't Believe, at least 5 sprays. Lay the sprayed side down on to your pan, while it is cooking, spray the side facing up with the Can't Believe Spray, then flip! You should have a nice golden brown. Keep on heat for at least 2 minutes. Once set to your perfection, remove from heat and enjoy your grilled cheese.

Paired best with a side of carrots and pickles or nice bowl of tomato soup!


Total sandwich-5pp


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