Panera Bread Hidden Menu

Disclaimer: Images with calorie content and description were copied from the press release I found on Google, pertraining to the Hidden, Secret Menu.

I have heard from a bunch of different websites and even in a Hungry Girl post about Panera Bread's Hidden Menu. The menu was a marketing idea that was alerted through Facebook and main avenues of social media. The concept was they had a menu that featured items that had lean protein, veggie heavy and low carb options, which are all right up my alley. Under my assumption I believed it was only certain markets doing the Hidden menu, but I saw more and more people posting it on Instagram. So I goggled it and found out they have it under their nutrition menu on their website but it will not be advertised to the stores, you go there knowing what you want to get. They have 2 Power breakfast bowls, all of these bowls, lunch and breakfast have the word Power into them, referring to the idea they are packed with powerful ingredients. LOVE IT!

Then for the lunch and dinner options there are 4! They involve chicken, steak or turkey and they are a full sized bowl, not part of the pick too. I love anything and everything chicken and I love hummus, so I picked the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl, which was only 8pp.

Here is a description and picture I got off of the website...

All-natural, Antibiotic-free chicken, with cilantro jalapeno hummus, baby spinach, cucumbers, diced tomatoes & red onions finished with fresh squeezed lemon & fresh chopped cilantro. 330 calories, 23g carbs, 33g protein.

This was absolutely delicious!!! I was so excited to try it and couldn't even wait to dive in, my boyfriend was even jealous, it even came with a side of EVOO. The hummus was delicious and the lemon added just the right amount of tang and zip. I paired my bowl with a Low Fat Chicken Noodle soup and a half of a half of whole wheat bread. I was quite hungry and would rather fuel up on these items, rather the huge and totally cute pumpkin sugar cookie that winked at me as I came in.

This is what I got:

This is now my new favorite item on their "menu". I feel a little bit bad ass walking in there and requesting from the hidden menu, like I am some sort of secret Panera agent. I WISH! I don't think I will always pair it with a cup of soup, but a rainy, lazy night like tonight was just what I needed.

I don't normally go to Panera for breakfast, but look at these options they have:

Roasted all-natural, Antibiotic-free turkey, egg whites, warm baby spinach, roasted peppers, and basil Pesto. 180 calories, 7g carbs, 25g protein. 5pp.
Two all-natural eggs, seared top sirloin, sliced avocado & tomatoes. 230 calories, 5g carbs, 20g protein. 6pp

Holy yum in my tum!!! I would make the trip for breakfast for these items, or like a nice way to end a long run...hmmm that gives me an idea, I am running 10 miles this might be my treat!

Here are some more images from the press release of the other items on the menu:

All-natural, Antibiotic-free chicken, baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, apple-wood smoked bacon, diced eggs, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. 360 calories, 12g carbs, 35g protein. 9pp
All-natural, Antibiotic-free roasted turkey, baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, red onions, kalamata olives, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil. 320 calories, 12g carbs, 22g protein. 8pp

Seared top-sirloin, leaf lettuce, cucumbers, diced tomatoes & red onions, basil pesto and finished with fresh lemon juice. 280 calories, 7g carbs, 28g protein. 7pp

I am very excited to see these at Panera and with Panera, you know you are getting something fresh, quick and healthy, which I love. Their website allows you to track the nutrition facts, which in turn you can calculate to points plus, which I have. It makes life easier and it makes having a healthy lifestyle, doable. I give Panera two thumbs up and I will forever be a customer of theirs. Stay tuned as I try each of these Power, Hidden Menu items over time.

Make sure to try them yourself also!!


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