Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Instagram Accounts

It is Tuesday again and linking up with Nanci for our fun Top Ten Tuesday Post. 

This weeks Top Ten is on Instagram accounts.

It is no secret I love Instagram. I love posting to my Instagram, following people and accounts and looking through hastags to find other accounts and more motivation, recipe, or just plain old humor. 

Great tip is click on the hashtags and you can find so much more through the app.

Okay here are my Top Ten in no particular order

10. AuntNanci No shocker here it is my bestie and fellow Top Ten Linker. Funny thing is Nanci and I met through Instagram, through our posts of running and Weight Watchers and our first run together happened on this day two years ago, as we were both training for our marathons. I have a feeling though we would have found a way to each other :0) Check out her post today too on her Top Ten, she has some really awesome accounts.

9. MrBobbyBones- I love anything and everything to do with Bobby Bones. He is hilarious, has a mutal love for the show Friends and he is inspiring and motivational and he is super cute. And it is fun to have a backstage ass to his life.

8. SkinnyMeg31- SkinnyMeg is someone I absolutely adore. She is down to earth, has the best style, she owns her own online clothing store OllieMarie Boutique. She is into fitness, running, eating healthy, especially around macros. This lady is hilarious and posts the best outfits. If you want to be motivated and inspired, this is the account to follow. SkinnyMeg is my spirit animal for sure.

7. ShrinkingSouthernBelle- Mandi is adorable and I found her on Instagram when I was on Weight Watchers. She is the Sounthern Belle and she has the best make up tips. She is down to earth. Can you tell I have a thing with REAL people, those who show the ups and downs and everything in between. 

6. LiveSweatRepeat- If you wanna learn how to work hard, stay busy and the definition of Hustle and Heart and a TRUE GIRL BOSS, this is the account to follow. This lady is a friend of mine and I am super jealous of her life, she is working out, going places and constantly ends at Disney taking the best pictures and having an even better time. I love following Caitlyn because she is REAL and has the best insight to fun and exciting things in the area, especially Tampa. #tampalove.

5. JunkBanter- Here is from his account "Reviewers of all things new, rare, & junk food related. Pro Oreo hunters. Craft beer enthusiasts. Flexible dieting extremists. " This account is awesome. He finds new foods, mostly junk food, reviews and posts and has The Best comments and blog to go along with it. His snapchat is even better than his Instagram. I love finding new foods to keep me on track and he has them for sure.

4. RunThisWeigh- Melissa is from California, she runs a lot and i Love it. She posts about life, food and running and working out. She posts about cheap clothes finds and motivation. 

3. ChelseaHandler- I mean it is Chelsea, she is a badass and has the cutest dog Chunk. I mean Chunk steals the show honestly.

2. LeaAnn- She has been my Best Friend for 20 plus years, yes 20+ years and I can not imagine my life with out this girl. Gotta give her some love whenever I can.

1.Reesewitherspoon- Because I just love Reese. I mean she is the best and she has a hastag #RWbookclub and the reason I read, Wild, Gone Girl and The Luckiest Girl Alive. She is a lot of fun to follow and she has never aged lol.

So who are your favorite accounts to follow???

And remember to follow me and all my favorites @Runchewsparkle