Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Phone Apps

Happy Tuesday!!!

And Happy July, yup we are now officially more than half way done with the year!!

July is my favorite month though, mainly because of my Birthday in 13 days lol.

Okay, so this Tuesday I have linked up with my best Nanci for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday, make sure you check out her post on her favorites too, there are some really good ones!!

This Tuesday we are talking about our favorite Apps on the phones!

First off how did we live with out apps on our phones. They are pretty awesome and keep us entertained and at times making our lives so much easier. I am on my phone a HUGE part of the day, checking things, working for it, etc, some say its an obsession well it is just a way of life now.

So Here are my favorite apps on my phone right now...

1. My Fitness Pal
Image result for my fitness pal icon
-I use this to track my calories, meals, food intake, weight, macros and you can also follow other friends too. The best part you can see what they are eating and how they are progressing. I love when I can look into the food diary because I get some really great ideas for snacks and meal ideas. Plus it is super motivating. I have been tracking my food for almost a year now and it has really helped keep me track with my weight and continuing on with a healthy lifestyle.

2. FitBit
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-I love my FitBit A LOT. It keeps me motivated and determined to get my 10,000 steps each day. The app shows how many calories I have burned, my heart rate, exercise days I have tracked, the floors I have climbed, miles I have covered, of course my steps. It always tracks your sleeping pattern, which is my favorite. Tracks how long I have slept for, when I woke up, when I was restless and so on. You can track food on the app too and your water intake. I absolutely LOVE the FITBIT app because you can set up challenges too. You and 10 friends can create a challenge and try to beat each in steps for the day, the week, the week and see who can hit 10,000 first in the day. I have had so many motivating moments with the challenges through the app.

3. Facebook
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-It is funny how much evolved FB has gotten. When I first was on FB you had to have a college email to sign up, now everyone is on FB. But FB has so much more to it now, with Live notifications and group settings, it really is amazing. I have FB for myself, the Blog and a Group for my book club. Check them all out FB Page Runchewsparkle and our Group A Novel Bunch.

4. Instagram

-Probably my most used APP. I love to share pictures and look and find others. And when you click on the hashtags you can find even more people that way. I love Instagram and all it has.

5. Snapchat
Image result for snapchat app icon transparent
- I am still so new to the Snapchat world and it is so much fun. Posting videos or pictures. And the filters with it are even better...

6. GoodReads
Image result for Goodreads app icon
-I love this app because I can track books I have read, set up a reading challenge and see what friends of mine are reading. You can rate books too, get reviews and sometimes even speak with authors. I have looked at what my friends have been reading and got great recommendations. If you love to read, download this app.

7. Blogger
Image result for Blogger app icon
- I can write a blog post when I can not be at my computer, which I have been known to do especially when I am on the bike at the gym or walking, trying to kill two birds with one stone.

8. DD Perks
Image result for dd perks app icon
-Yup this is the Dunkin Donuts App. I can load my DD card, earn points and free Coffee. NEED I SAY MORE ;0)

9. TimeHop
Image result for timehop app icon
- I love the TimeHop app and look at it every day. It takes posts I have shared from the previous years, sometimes as far back as 8 years. Shows what I have posted such as posts, pictures, videos, etc from Twitter, FB and Instagram. I have found some awesome memories with the app.

10. Endomono
Image result for endomondo app icon
-This app is how I track my runs. It gives me distance, time, and all lot more. I use it on all my runs and link it to My Fitness Pal and it tracks my exercise calories...

Its easy to use and I never lose my GPS signal with it.

Okay and a quick few honorable mentions...
Starbucks, Pinterest, Target Cartwheel, Word Swag, LYFT or Uber, iHeartRadio, POP (pinellas county library app-awesome) & Twitter.

Apps have definitely changed our phone experience and lives. Every store now seems to have an app and when downloading those Apps you can get execlusive discounts, codes and Even FREE items such as drinks and food.

So what are your favorite apps???