Thursday, January 26, 2017

6th Year Fit Anniversary!

There are many moments in my life that kind of define who I am. Changed me for the better. Obviously when I graduated High School and College, those are first ones. Then when I took the leap of Faith when I moved to Florida. When I ran my first Full Marathon and this day, 6 years ago, actually was the day that brought me to my first Full. 

Without this day, January 26, 2011, that Full marathon and everything in between, never would have happened. This day 6 years, I walked into a Weight Watchers meeting, not expecting anything, doing to support a friend, hoping to just loose some weight and that was it. Well I got a second chance walking in there. I got a chance at a new life and became someone I never thought I could possibly be.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I suppose some days just really stick with you. I was wearing a green velvet jumpsuit. The size was a 1x. I was never a 1x before and I knew this would change me forever. I went to get lunch with my friend Missy before. We got pizza and mozzarella sticks, kind of like our last meal. We were going to WW to just join and start a meeting. I honestly didn't expect to have to weigh in. SO when I stepped on that scale, I was shocked. I couldn't believe the number on the scale, 234. I was way over 200 pounds. At my 5 foot frame, that was alarming. I knew I had gained weight, of course, I was not blind to it. I knew how it happened, poor eating, no exercise, etc. I was not SHOCKED "shocked" you know.

I saw that number, my stomach sank, but I knew it was time to change and time to move on. I stayed for the meeting. And loved the experience and jumped in right away. I posted that image to my Facebook and was flooded with so much love and support right away. James was shocked I was doing it, I didn't even tell him. I wanted to do it on my own and support my friend, Missy. I was so nervous, but excited to try something different.

I LOVED tracking. I am a super visual person and seeing my points, etc, gosh it got my juices flowing. And when I lost the first week and how awesome I felt, even eating some things that weren't "DIET" food. I was hooked. I stayed on WW for 4.5 years. I fell in love with running because of WW. I LOVE healthier types of food because of WW. The way I drink my coffee and snack is because of WW. I read labels and nutrients because of WW. Everything I do to this day is because of WW. Who I am, as a healthy lifestyle person is strictly because of WW. I ran 8 half marathons and a full and a challenge because of WW.

Without the help of WW and my own personal motivation and dedication and devotion, I would still be 234 pounds. After 4.5 years, WW died out for me. I was not seeing the results I was getting initially. I was getting bored with points and I felt like I was not eating enough because the exercise I was doing. I did online WW for a bit and then figured, I could do this for free with My Fitness Pal. And so I left WW. But here is the thing, I never really LEFT. WW has a way of staying with you for life, honestly. I still know points to a lot of items.

And all my healthy foods, is because I ate them on Weight Watchers and dang they do have some good WW branded items, I still enjoy. Once a WW, you are a WW for life lol. So for the last 1.5 years I have been tracking my calories and understanding the world of Macros. The last 1.5 years, I have changed my habits, with my protein and water. More than I ever did on Weight Watchers. I track calories, and yes I still track, every single day. Remember I love that visual reminder!

While, I have gained some weight on and off this past 1.5 year. I HAVE NEVER GIVEN UP! And I stay that way for 6 years now as my FITiversary!

6 years of being healthy and being a better version of myself and who I am. I am a constant work in progress. I know my downfalls and I know that when I have a bad day, I can pick myself up and start again. I know that not ever mile I run will be great, but I KEEP running. I know that the gym is the best place to unwind. And yes I can have a slice of pizza and wine, but the next day I SHOULD not. One day is enough. 

I know I love protein and lean protein. I know I love fruit and veggies and even though getting healthy food is expensive, it is worth it. I am 6 years of living a healthy lifestyle and a lifetime to go.

And I know that this 6th year just might be my best year yet.