Friday, January 20, 2017

All The Friday Feels....

Good Friday Morning!!!

I am having all the Good Friday Feels this morning. I am off for today and tomorrow and a half day on Sunday. And the best part is I am watching our friends dog all weekend long. Sleepover at our place and everything!!!

So I haven't done a CURRENTLY post in a long time. So I figured I would do one today. My new planner I got from Michaels, actually has a Currently post at the beginning of each month to fill out, which I LOVE and I am using that as my guideline.

Reading: Well I just picked up a ton of books from the library. I love that you can request books, so then I go crazy and request a ton and then they come in all at once, like this time. But I am starting Truly, Madly, Guilty today.

Planning: Well I use my planner every day. SO planning is something I always do. But I am planning on lots of fun things this weekend. Taking Sherman to the dog beach today, meeting Nanci in Downtown St. Pete tomorrow for the market and BIG planning is my trip back home in March and my trip to Nashville in April.

Watching: All my shows are back from winter break and it is wonderful. But probably my favorite show I am watching now is This Is Us. I am sure you are well aware of the show! Seriously I do not think I could love a show anymore. I even got James to like it!!! Which is rare because he rarely likes those types of shows.

Trying: I am trying new workout routines on YouTube. I have to say it is challenging. I am a runner but doing any other types exercise is not something I always did. Especially intense cardio. It is humbling and I am glad I have a hard time getting through most of it because I like the challenge and know I will get better with it later on. I just pull up YouTube and search for one that seems good and do that at least 2 a week and then my running and walking.

Cooking: Everything and Anything in my AirFryer. And that thing is amazing. I love the Airfryer. I have made chicken, we made wings twice and I have done some sweet potato fries and veggies also. It is awesome. I am still trying to try all kinds of things. I will be posting things soon that I make.

Eating: I have to say my eating habits have been getting back on point lately. Not that I ever was off point. But my snacking has been under control. I need more veggies for sure and thankfully I am going to the morning market tomorrow and stocking up on all the fresh fruits and veggies.

Drinking: Oh you know all the coffee all the time. Water like crazy, and I love Sparkling Water!! Obsessed with it actually and wine. I mean nothing like a glass of wine now and then.

Thinking: What I am going to have for breakfast.

Pinning: Well I love Pinterest. Seriously who doesn't. The problem with Pinterest is I PIN a ton of things and forget about them haha. I have been Pinning lately Quotes. From Fitness Quotes, life quotes, work quotes. Nanci and I have a board together on Blogging and she gets all the great pins with that. And recipes. I pin a ton of recipes and some I have even made lol.

Crafting: I wish I was as crafter as I think I am. But I am not lol. I want to be this person who can make all these wonderful things. And I am not. But I try to be. I have nothing crafting at the moment, but I do love to decorate and use my planner with washi tape and stickers.

Going: Today to the dog beach and home to New York in two months.

Loving: Life in general. Seriously I know it sounds corny, but things are really great right now. And I am loving on Sherman today like crazy with tons of kisses.

Dreaming: Of when James and I will get a dog. This weekend is a nice test to how it would be.

Feeling: Happy and Content.

Listening: Right now to nothing as I am typing this. But Music wise all the Country music all the time.

Celebrating: Having the weekend off!!!

Improving: My running. I am currently still sitting at that 13:00 minute mile. Which I know is not bad, I get that but I know I can been faster and better.

At the end of the list there is a section for....

I am GRATEFUL for....

I am grateful for this blog! I am grateful for being able to just randomly write what I am feeling or thinking and doing and having people read along with me. I am Grateful for you just reading!!!