Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week Two: Progress NOT Perfection

Good Sunday Morning!!!

Another week in the books.

I am going to try to do these weekly posts about the week prior. They hold me accountable as a weekly progress, PLUS It helps for me to be honest. Because lets face it, not every week is what Instagram and Facebook show us lol.

Have to say that last week was slightly better than the week prior. Slightly. I wasn't  perfect but I was on point.

Let's start with my eating. I only ate out once. James brought home tacos on Tuesday. I originally didn't plan to have tacos that night, but it came up in conversation at work and you know what happens then. IT was stuck in my head and all I could think about was tacos.

I might have also went a little bit overboard with the chips, but I tracked and moved on from it.

I made awesome Chicken Taco Soup in the crock pot this week.

Chicken breast (depends on how many you want to serve, I used 3 big ones)
can of reduced sodium black beans
can of dark red kidney beans
a bag of frozen corn ( could have used a little less there was a lot of corn lol)
can of diced tomatoes
Some frozen peppers and onions
a packet of low sodium taco seasonings
chicken broth ( at first I used only half of the of the container and then added more later on) I wanted it a bit more with broth to really give that soup feel

Put in a crock pot and cook for low for about 6-8 hours, depending on your crock pot. Then the last 30 minutes or so, take the chicken breast out and shred the chicken. Add back into the soup and mix and let cook for a bit more. Then serve up.

I served mine with some fat free shredded cheese and some tortilla strips.

It was so good. Had a perfect amount of spice and was filling. Plus between the chicken and the beans, it was PACKED with Protein and because I had so much of it, I ate it for 4 nights. And I did not care one bit.

My breakfast meals have not been great in the sense of getting like GOOD protein, fat and carbs. I have been eating more on the go and light. Such as Belvita items or a protein bar, a quick yogurt. But at least I am eating breakfast.

Now at work, I bring my lunch every day. I do not get a lunch break. We work single coverage all day long and we can not close the store to get anything to eat. So I have to bring my food. I stick a lot to turkey sandwiches and tuna packets. I LOVE to add tuna to the Steamfresh pasta sides they have or Smart Ones or Trader Joe's Reduced Fat Mac and Cheese. It is so easy and quick and packed with protein.

I have to go grocery shopping to get some more staples in our house of the upcoming week. I need some grapes, some lettuce, some more chopped veggies and some frozen products.

Okay so eating was good. Still was a bit snack monster here and there this week, which happens. But heck I am a work in progress for sure.

So my working out was good this week, way better than last week for sure.

Started on Sunday with a run. A quick two miles because the weather was amazing here in Florida. It was literally in the 30's and it felt great for a quick change. Then I was watching Sherman that day, so we end up going on tons of walks through out the day and we did so.

Monday was almost a day that didn't happen. I ran a quick errand after work and then when I had gotten home, James had some left over Chipotle. I ate it because well its Chipotle. I did some work I needed to finish up and then downed some Spark. I knew I had to get a work out it in, I wasn't giving up. I went over to the gym and it was packed. I live in a small apartment complex with a gym that has like 3 machines. It is hard to get in there sometime.

But I didn't want to give up. So I went back home and goggled some work outs on YouTube. Found one that seemed good. It was High Intensity work out for beginners and I did that one for 30 minutes. Holy hell was it tough but good for my soul. Because my main source of cardio is running and well I struggle with that a lot too but to switch it up and do moves I never do. Was humbling because I am not as fit as I think I am and it brought me down to reality in a good way.

Tuesday I used as a rest day. Which I had planned anyway. Wednesday was Sherman day and we are constantly moving when we are together. So right away we went downtown and got a great 3 mile walk in. It felt nice to just walk it out. Sure we stop and smell everything, have poop and pee breaks, chase squirrels and pull me along with it. But he is an awesome work out partner.

Thursday and Friday fell into those rest days. I am working really hard on those days I close to do something. But dang sleeping in feels so great knowing I don't have to open, I can be lazy a bit in the morning, enjoy my coffee, that I want to do literally nothing. But I am working on it, slowly but surely.

Saturday I knew I HAD to run. I wanted at lest 2 runs in this week. I had opened and got out at 5, I came home sat down for a bit, drank some Spark and then hit the pavement. I was a bit anxious and had a lot of things going through my mind. I need to run it all out because I wanted to breathe again. I am not a fast runner at all. But I know I need to work some speed work into my routine. So I decided to do sprints for a good portion 1.5 miles. And then ran my regular run/walk for the rest to close at 3 miles.

Man sprints are HARD. I was dying. Legit dying. Not really but it felt so good to feel it in my lungs and that push. I will be doing sprints more often. And it felt great to just get into a different running a bit. It kept it going faster and then slower and kept me more focused.

My week was pretty great. I am happy with the progress from the week prior. I did have a 1.8 loss too.

This weeks goal, 3 running days, more WATER, I drink a ton but its hard at work sometimes, and adding more veggies to each meal and a little bit less snacking.

How was your week? What are you focusing on this week???