Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week One-I Had Motivation but lacked Discipline

As you know one of my favorite people in this world is Bobby Bones from the Bobby Bones Show. I have posted about Bobby Bones many times of how inspirational and influential he is, especially in his social media account and on air. He is probably one of my favorite people to follow on those accounts and every morning when I commute to work, the Bobby Bones Show is on play.

Last week, I was able to listen in as I was opening at work. If I am not opening, I try to catch it on I Heart Radio on replay on my closing shift. But this was last Tuesday and it was right after the New Year. They were talking about resolutions. Mainly how so many do not succeed with their resolutions because they set them too unattainable or too many, or just lack the drive to want to succeed in them.

Such as I am going to lose 100 pounds this year. Or I am going to save so and so. All these really great resolutions with no plans in place. The idea is to take it small right. So Bobby Bones brought up a great idea and it has stuck with me all week.

Start small. Start with attainable goals. You know that quote everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, it is how YOU use them that make it matter. He mentioned that saying I am going to exercise this year is a bit vague. Because once you say I am going to exercise or on the extreme, saying I am going to exercise EVERY DAY puts you kind of already at a failure.

Because guess what you aren't going to do it every day. Lets be real, especially if you are new to this. BUT what you can do is this week I am going to work out twice this week. Then each week increase it a little bit more. So this week work out twice, maybe next week do the same, then slowly increase and get up to that 4-5 times a week.

Here is my real...I love planning right. I have TWO planners and I am pretty damn organized if I say so myself. Sure life gets in the way and I have lists upon lists. But I would say I love to live a structured life. I am Motivated to be better and do better, but sometimes I like the discipline.

Yup that's the key. And the next thing out of Bobby Bones mouth had me right there. He said Don't Be Motivated, BE Disciplined. That is where it is at!!

Anyone can be Motivated, but it is the discipline that keeps you going. The discipline is what gets you those pounds off and to the finish line and that couldn't have rang more true. When I was marathon training, I was of course motivated, the finish line was my motivation, but Running 20 miles there was not much motivation there. BUT what I did have was discipline because I knew I had to do it.

When I first started Weight Watchers, anytime I went out to dinner, I passed on bread or really looked into the menu not because of motivation it was the discipline that I had to know what was going to work for me. I still have that discipline when it comes to eating. I always make better choices. Because I know what can happen when I don't.

But when it comes to working out and running, this week was not the best. I of course was motivated, it is fresh start right, but the discipline was not there. I worked out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Thursday- Saturday came.

I had planned a rest day on Thursday anyway but my allergies started to really kick in and I just felt horrible all day. So I had planned on Friday and Saturday to make up for it. Well....

I am real and honest and after and before work, I just didn't want to do it. I knew I had to, but my discipline was not there.

So while I would love to sit here and say Yes, I took on the first week of the month head strong and did amazing. In my heart of hearts, I did not. I lacked the discipline because I let excuses creep in. It happens and I know it happens, but I won't let it derail me and give up. I just know this week I will be better.

I know what I have to do and how to get it done. Heck 3 days out of 7 is a good turn around. But I have to remember that even if I have a bad day, I have to pick myself up and start over, not keep it lingering into the new week.

SO Bobby Bones of course motivated me with that simple phrase...Discipline. I am taping back into discipline and I will succeed.

How was your first week of the new Year???