Christmas Day Recap

Christmas is seriously one, if not my favorite holiday. I love everything about it and even at 28, I am still super excited for what the day will bring on Christmas morning. I was up earlier than I had hoped, which allowed me though to get my Christmas Eve post up and around 8:30, I finally woke up James.

We brewed ourselves some coffee, put on some Christmas Pandora and I started setting our Christmas presents at our couches. We started with our Stockings first, usually I do that last but James suggested first, so I just went with it. I got him so much for his stocking I had to put it into two stockings lol.

He made out like a bandit. I got him plenty of candy, even some candy coal, socks he asked for, suspenders he asked for and a surprise DVD of the Internship. We saw the movie days before and he mentioned he really liked it, so I surprised him and he sure was.

My stocking was filled with running socks, running headbands and my Animal print watch I had asked for.

I very much love it!!! It is all things that are me. I was shocked.

After our stockings we took turns on opening each other's gifts. James got personalized golf balls, video games for his PS4, and some Redskins gear, I know he would never think I would get him, such as a Redskins tie. I was so happy I found that. He works in a clothing store and has to wear suits, so a tie is a must and for Sunday's when the Skins play, I thought that would be perfect, he thought the same.

I made out fantastic. He got me running gear from Target, which is my favorite, and Under Armour and Puma running shirts. He was so happy to show me the Wonder Women one.

 He said I am such a strong person, it made him think of me. Am I truly blessed or what?!! And of course as stated in yesterday's post, I got my Garmin Forerunner, which I nearly jumped up and down about.

Then we opened our gifts from our mother's and family members back home. My Aunt got me some awesome running and work out gear, other Aunt and Poppy so graciously gave me money and my mom hooked me up with some gift cards, homemade Gingerbread cookies, iced even, and some of my favorite requested gifts from Trader Joe's.

I am so spoiled even at 28, it is a pretty awesome feeling. 

I can not wait to use these gift cards. I already have set up the Amazon one. I am getting a Expense Tracker, for 2014. I really want to settle down and stick to a budget and I think it will help and I got a phone case, which are all suppose to arrive the beginning of the year. Perfect timing.

I love gift cards because I can really get what I want. I make a list too of things I want to get and full fill. I swear I am a child.

James's mom always sends me tons of gifts. It is so sweet and nice of her, she spoils me so much. I am so lucky to have them in my life. She got me gift cards, ornaments, a bracelet, etc. Tons of goodies. And she gave James and I joint gifts, like this amazing Lunch Crockpot and Mug Warmer. I am in serious heaven.

The candy is all James. 

Then today when I got home from work we had another package from his mom waiting for us and I got more stuff.
I am obsessed and floored with the gifts she gave me. I love LOVE that shirt and cant wait to wear it. The magnet says Angie Runs Like A Girl and Proud of it. And she got me a coaster and a style caddy for my hair stuff. She spoils me so much, I can never repay her. 

After we did our gifts we just hung out. I was tired and made my phone calls to my family and Poppy to thank them for everything. Then James and I went to his Grandmother's house for lunch. I made him put on a Santa hat and be festive with me.

The hat is so him and it was a big hit. He seriously will do anything to make me happy. We have come such a long way.

Once we were nice and full from lunch we came back to our place and I passed out for 2 hours for a nap. James played his video games. Around 5, I went for my run and then we ordered Chinese, which was delivered, so I never had to get out of my sweats. And as a family tradition and in loving memory of my dad, we watched It's A Wonderful Life.

I, of course cried like a baby, missing my dad. I swear I hope it gets easier, cause right now it seems so much harder.

This quote reminds me of my father very much. I feel that he felt that no one loved him, he was a burden to us all, but in reality he was the glue that held us all together. T

his movie was my father, and I know now that he is gone, how much it mimicked his own life. I just wish he had a Clarence to show him the way. I will watch this movie every year in memory of my father.

I know my dad is an Angel now...hope he gets his wings soon.

After drying my tears and my heart full with love from the day, I was exhausted and feel asleep.

It was a great Christmas and just the best relaxing and joyous day I could have ever asked for.


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