December Run Streak Challenge Day 9

Okay so this morning I had full intent of getting up at 6 to get my mile in...

And well...I slept in.

I was sleeping really bad last night, my mind was racing like crazy, I couldn't stop tossing and turning. I just couldn't seem to shut down. I only took a 45 minute nap earlier in the day so it wasn't that, I was just wired. So I slept in and decided to do my run after work.

Well I worked from 8:20-6:20..a nice 10 hour day, raced home got into my running clothes and headed out in the dark to just go down the street and back. I was doing good but my store called me 4 times in just that little amount of time with questions, concerns and problems. I swear customers wait until I am gone to come in with issues.

I probably could have gotten a little bit more than a mile in but I knew I was going to be super distracted. So I chalk up the mile for a win none the less.

A mile is better than nothing.

Day 9: 1 mile
Total Mileage since start: 21.07 miles


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