December Run Streak Challenge Day 22

This is going to be short and sweet. Not the greatest post, but I am exhausted and probably going to sleep in less than an hour.

Tried going to bed early last night, my store called me at 1:00 and woke me up, had a really hard time going back to bed.

Got up at 7:00, feeling pretty good, got 2 miles in, which I was super happy about.

Took my time getting ready, relaxed a bit and made my lunch. Got a call my store was a disaster, engraving everywhere and just in chaos from the night before.

Dropped everything and got to work and had an emotional and mental breakdown.

Worked 10 hours and was out of it all day because of the outcome of the morning.

After work got take out from Chiptole, got the best Burrito Bowl ever!! And the chips were amazing, I don't care about the points or I have to weigh in tomorrow, I just wanted it so bad.

I am now on the couch and about to pass out.

Tomorrow is a new day!!

Day 22 Miles: 2 miles
Total: 49.54 miles


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