December Run Streak Challenge Day 27

It is a nice, rainy day off here in my world. I really don't mind the rain, as long as I am not running in it. I actually got to sleep in for a bit today and then decided to get my run over with early rather than later today. And I am glad I did because it has been raining ever since I got back.

I had planned on waking up and just laying around but I figured I might as well get going so I can take my time this afternoon and enjoy it and not worry about getting my run in. I have some errands and retail therapy to attend to today.

I got in 4.04 miles today. My legs and body felt a little heavy and I walked a bit more than I had planned. I can tell my body is starting to feel a bit tired, but not enough to throw in the towel. Plus I have come so far, cant give up now. So I took the walks a bit here and there but made it through Day 27.

I am really loving my watch too. It alerts me of my miles also. I hate to give up my Runtastic App but my watch does everything the app does and more accurate. I am using the App until the end of the run streak and then I will use it here and there. Right when I got to my front door step, the rain started happening and I took it as a sign, I was meant to run earlier rather than later.

Now that I started Phase 1 of my apartment cleaning, I'm going to take a break and head to the mall to use some of my gift cards. Not a huge fan of going back to the mall on my day off, but at least I am not working.

Have a great day!

Day 27: 4.04 miles
Total since December 1: 60.94


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