December Run Streak Day 24, Merry Christmas Eve

First off I can not believe it is Christmas Eve AND that I have ran at least 1 mile every day since December 1st. If anyone has worked retail, you know how crazy this time of year is and especially when your in management. You are not only dealing with the mean, rude, demanding customers, BUT also a whole staff that most of the time is 3x what you normally have in your store. At my job we also deal with engraving our product, outside product, online orders, home office orders, etc. Plus paperwork, schedules and just squeezing in enough time to just breath. I hardly ever got to sit down and when I did it was to eat something really fast or just to sit for 5 minutes to regain my thoughts. Despite how crazy it is I love my job and this time of year. It makes the days go faster, it is fun and this year I was blessed with a lot of customers who were just so nice and really enjoyed the gifts we provided them with. I cried with a lot of customers as the holiday season was tough on them because they had lost someone very close, or were not sure if this was going to be the last Christmas with their loved one. I celebrated new weddings, engagements and births with my customers. New loves or anniversaries, it really is a fun time of year, despite how long the hours and difficult the days become. But I am glad that after 4pm today it is over and I can go back to my normal life, which I am not sure was ever really normal.

Back to my run streak. Every day I ran at least 1 mile and everyone that read would know that. I either did it before work or after, but I did it. And I have to say I am pretty darn impressed with myself, because I really didn't think I would make it the whole time. I was tired and beat a lot of the days, but the running I think made me stronger and more focused. And this is the first Holiday season I really felt good going into the final day. Am I  exhausted, YES!! Am I done with it all, YES! But am I beaten like normal, NOPE! This morning I almost threw in the towel, I just wanted an hour more of sleep and the thought of going after work crossed my head because I get out at 4 today. But then I thought, well if we are slammed I have to stay, or what if something happens and we are going to James's family tonight, I didn't want to be late because I needed to get a mile in.

So I sucked it up and went out there and did my mile. Surprisingly the weather is perfect, not too cold and not hot at all. I literally ran for the mile and back. It felt good in my lungs and woke me up and I know later I will thank myself for doing that this morning.

Well I am working and then celebrating. I am sure I will post more later and reflect the joy of my night.

Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Eve and if you are last minute shopping, please be kind to us, we have had a long couple of weeks and most of us are at our breaking point, don't break us, bare with us, we want to help you more than anything, but we want to do it in one piece!!


One of my favorite Christmas movies!!

Day 24 miles: 1
Total since Dec 1st: 51.87 miles


  1. I almost wanted to cry reading your post tonight. I everybody in our lives is put there by God for reasons many times only known to Him. I am blessed abundantly and thankful that He has placed you in my path Angelina. I love the way you share your day and your thoughts. I am so proud of your commitment to your run streak. I sincerely hope that you have a marvelous joy filled Christmas day with James and much needed relaxation. Thank you Angelina for being such an encouragement.

    1. Becky you are so amazingly Sweet!!! Thank you for reading and I hope you have an extremely blessed and beautiful Christmas!!


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