December Run Streak Challenge Day 7 & A little Pink

Another good run this morning. I pushed a little farther than yesterday today because I didn't have a conference call this morning, which also meant I got to sleep in a bit too. I got up at 8:15 and out the door running by 8:30.

It was again hotter than normal today. I have no clue when this heat is going to break. I seriously love Florida weather, no snow, I can run every day and not worry about losing a toe to frost bite, but the whole drenched in sweat and panting from heat in December is getting a little old. We had a nice cold front a couple of weeks ago and then it left. But I know come May, I will be asking for this 75 degree heat rather than the 100.

I ran around our street this morning, passed two other runners. A lot of people walking there dogs, one tried to run along with me and some garage sales. I put in 3.08 miles, I hit done before looking I could have just gone a little more and it would have been a 5k. It felt good today. I only walked for 30 seconds twice, big improvement, remember my body and mind are trained for long distance. I am glad I got in a longer run this morning, there is a big sense of accomplishment when I go about my day knowing I got a pretty good run in before hand.

Well I am now catching up on some emails and news and fellow bloggers and enjoying my breakfast and coffee and then off to work from 11-7.

Have a happy Saturday!

I know this song is older but it came on while I was finishing up my run and I realized how much I love this song and it really is the theme song to my life!


Day 7: 3.08 miles
Total since December 1st: 15.74 miles


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