December Run Streak Challenge Day 17, Weekly Weigh In & Advocare

Happy Tuesday!!

It was a long, chilly, busy one for me for sure. Luckily my night so far has been quite and I can finally find time to sit down and write my post. Considering I was scheduled to work today 7:15-5:15, I knew I was only going to be able to do my run early in the morning. Now I am used to early morning runs due to my long runs I would do in the summer, but I would do those on my day off when I had the whole rest of the day to just chill out and plus it was much warmer.

This morning was another story. Florida right now is having a cold front, I know before I post this everyone is going to make fun of me, but 56 degrees is really cold for me living in Florida. I was brought up in New York so I have had my fair share of cold mornings but now my blood is thinner, this is cold. But I got up and went for my run this morning and it felt great. The cold air was refreshing and woke me right up. I only did a mile because it was really dark and I was pushing it with the time for me to get ready, but that mile made a big impact on me.

I was awoken in that quick, little mile. I felt strong and ready to take on the day. It is amazing how running changes your whole life in one quick step. It had me refacing on how much life has changed in just a year. This time of year, I am usually feeling worn out, very tired, barely moving and my emotions and moods off the charts. I am usually grabbing anything and everything in sight. But now from changing my eating habits and running, I am a totally different person.

I have a ton of energy. I am alert and on point. I am not over eating and I am sleeping great. Plus with my energy I have been able to stay on my run streak. It just feels so great and so glad of where I am in my life now. So I got my mile in and also after work I went right over to Weight Watchers and weighed in. I wanted to change up had no time, so I went over in my work clothes. I lost .4 pounds, hey a half of a pound is better than nothing.

I have been a plateau for quite sometime now and for the last 3 weeks I have lost every week, so I am happy with this small but significant lost. It means I am headed in the right direction. Also today was my last day on the Advocare Herbal Cleanse. While I didn't have a big weight loss, I was doing it for my body to clean out my system, make me feel new again.

I wasn't able to stick to the program of the clean eating because of work and yes I'll admit stress, and we had a party that came up oh and that lovely monthly guest stopped by, with those elements it through me for a loop. But with the Advocare I rethink my eating habits and it helped me feel less bloated and not so sluggish. It gave me extra energy and I lost inches also, which is even nicer. I will do this cleanse again, maybe not around my period, so I can dedicate fully to it. I loved the process and how it made me feel. Try it out for yourself!!

And well with my busy day, I felt great and new. The streak is still on!!

Day 17 Mileage: 1 mile
Total Mileage since December 1st: 37.54


  1. "I am headed in the right direction" yes you are dear! I love reading your post. They encourage and motivate me; and I am sure that I am not alone in that. Thank you Angelina for sharing. Yes, it is amazing how much running has an impact on many aspects of our lives. It is probably true with many other forms of regular exercise and getting healthy. But, for us it is through running. Actually I suppose we could say, it is awesome how much we notice the difference being healthy makes in our daily lives. I only had time to get four miles in today, hopefully more tomorrow, but my day is already crammed with activities, so we'll see. Have a blessed day.


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