December Run Streak Challenge Day 12

I think I wrote the wrong day yesterday, haha but it's December 12th and I have ran at least a mile every day since the first and I'm really starting to feel great!!

This morning I got to sleep because I have a long closing shift tonight, working 2- to at least 11, oh the joys of the holidays. So I slept in until about 10, which of course was glorious! I got up and went for my run! 

The weather was fantastic, not hot at all, I even wore a long sleeved shirt! I got in 2 miles because my legs were feeling a bit heavy and weren't moving all that great. But Day 12 is in and I'm about to start my work day. 

After my run I had some quick oatmeal and watched American Horror Story: Coven, which I am obsessed with! I can not wait until January 8th! And then watched a Christmas special of Melissa & Joey which is another cute favorite of mine! 

Now ready to take on those Holiday shoppers for the whole night!

Day 12 miles: 2
Total since December 1: 28.04 miles


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