December Run Streak Challenge Day 5

Lucky for me today I was able to sleep in a bit, so my run was a little later this morning than normal. I close at work tonight, so I got to run before work rather than after, which is a nice change of pace. I got up around 9:00, an absolute miracle and felt great to sleep in! My legs have been feeling sort of sore, just tight, but I put on my running clothes and made my way out the door.

Florida weather in December was not what it was last year, it had to be almost 80 degrees this morning, it was freaking hot. I ran around the block which turned out to be 2 miles. I had to walk for 30 seconds after each mile, just to get my barrings straight. My average pace was 10:43, which I am very happy about because it was so hot and feeling sort of sore.

I need to stretch more for sure. After my 2 mile run, I came home and downed a glass of Emergen-C. I will make sure I will not get sick this holiday season and I don't want to ruin my run streak. Okay enough with my rambling, I got my 2 miles in, a good nights sleep, a good breakfast and caught up on two of my DVR'd shows. So far a good morning and I need all the good vibes because I have a store visit today!

Hope everyone has a fun Thursday!

Day 5 Streak 2 Miles
Total Miles Since December 11.33


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