Clearance, Gift Cards, Shopping: Oh My

I was off today and where did I end up, back at the mall. This time doing some serious shopping. I was going to put it off until tomorrow but I love getting gift cards and seriously after Christmas sales are pretty fantastic. And I had some coupons to go along with my gift cards.

After my run today I got some paperwork and errands done, such as the post office and bank. By this time it was almost 2 and even though I only had a Quest Bar for breakfast, I know not the greatest breakfast, I was starved. So I treated myself to Panera because I was given a gift card and it is my favorite place to eat.

Once I was fueled after my chicken noodle soup and Thai Chicken Salad off the Pick 2 menu, with a small side bread. I forgot to say an apple, oh well, the bread was warm and delicious, I really wanted it. After that I headed over to the mall and it was a freaking zoo. I forget how busy it is after Christmas for the rest of the mall. Kids are out of school, lots of people on vacation and sales like crazy, everyone using their gift cards and such. In my business we don't really get crazy busy because you cant return engraved gifts and we don't sell gift cards. We are strictly at times just occasion driven.

I started my gift card usage in Macy's, scooping out what I might have wanted. I spotted a Betsey Johnson purse, it actually found me. I didn't want to commit right away, so I walked out to the mall and did my rounds.

I went to JcPenney's and used my gift card for a new pair of work out pants and top, animal print themed of course. Then found some brightly covered tights on sale for only 2.00 and picked them up. I want to get out of a comfort zone with clothes and I know this will help. I used my 25.00 gift card and a 10.00 coupon and got all of these for 2.30.

After Christmas I always get a new calendar. I seriously love love new calendars and of course a running one. I had one last year and loved it and it is what I have been tracking my run streak on. I picked up a pull away desk one also to give some variety and it was motivational. I love anything that is inspirational and motivational. The calendars were all 50% off. So I got the two for 16.00.

I don't shop at American Eagle often because I tend to find them a little expensive and their clothes and quality aren't what I remember. But I went it because the sign said additional 50 off of clearance, so I figured I would poke around. Found they had work out gear  and I really loved this color, and they were in my size and half off. So I got a pair for only 10.00. So worth checking them out.

Hickory Farms in the mall means Christmas and Holiday to me. And after Christmas everything goes to 50% off with them. They usually sell out like crazy, so I was happy I could snag what I really wanted this year. Did I need these, NOPE! But I really wanted them and its nice to have for the New Years Eve, staying in night we might be having. Beware if you get the mints, they are addicting and absolutely delicious! The meat and cheese ball are nice treats for James. He loves stuff like this, as do I.

I went to Old Navy and made out pretty good too. The jeans are destroyed look jeans in a smaller size and the animal print flats are perfect for work and were on clearance also. The shirts were 75% off, so they came down to 5.00 a piece. I love their performance fleeces and even more for 5.00. I cant wear them a bunch in Florida but when I got home to visit or if we crank the AC up really high or at the movies, it is always so cold there. I got all of these for 16.10 after my 25. 00 gift card AND I got a cash card for 10.00 that I can use in the end of January, which I will stock up on my more clearance with. I love Old Navy because they are so inexpensive and have gotten super cute lately.

Before I moved to Florida I worked at a Yankee Candle and I became obsessed with candles and everything about them. Even 5 years after no longer working for them, I still love them and especially their after Christmas sale. I love their car products and making my car smell extra fantastic. The car jars go down to 75 cents and the air vents to 1.37, I had to stock up. I seriously think I might go back to get more. Their candles were all half off too, but I used a coupon a couple months ago and stocked up then. But the air fresheners are definitely worth checking out more of. I got all of these for 10.00 bucks. Here is to the sweet smell of victory.

My mom surprised me with a Payless gift card which I was thankful for because I can get more cute flats for work. I already have these in Silver for work, so I was excited to see them in black. I can wear them with  everything and they are dressy with out look over done. I also picked up this cute headband because it reminds me of something I had been seeing on Etsy for way less. After the clerk gave me a 20 % off coupon I got both for free, after my 20.00 gift card. BONUS!

Making my way out to my car, I went through Macy's again and found my purse. I knew I had to get because I saw one of my really good friends, Melissa there and she said it was definitely a me purse. And informed me of a 15% off coupon I could use with it. When scanning the purse and finding it was even less on sale and with the 15 % off coupon and using a 25.00 Macy's gift card and a 25.00 Visa Gift Card, I got the best deal of the day...

I got this beautiful, reminds me of something I pinned on Pinterest, Betsey Johnson, originally 98.00 purse for only .13 cents!!!!!!!!! I have never!!!! I was so happy!! Even the lady was shocked and she said "you kill me"

This was so great. I love clearance and coupons and good deals. I rarely ever buy anything full price and this was my best savings ever!!

Well I made it out of the mall with my arms and hands killing me from all my bags, I decided to use one more gift card for TJMaxx since it was on the way home. I was tired, hungry, ( I broke open the mints, bad idea) and thirsty, I am like a darn cactus today, but my shopping fire was still burning.

I love TJMaxx, Marshalls and Home Goods all the same. You can seriously find some awesome items there and with a gift card it is heaven. I don't shop there a lot, but I have made out every time I go. I was a little beat to go through the home area and clothing, so I went to my favorite part, the work out section. And found these awesome items...

I have tried to find a shirt like this on Etsy, Amazon and they were expensive. So I was so stoked when I found this. They had a couple different ones with work out sayings, such like Run, Cheaper Than Therapy, which of course I really wanted, but it was sold out in my size, such a bummer. But I am now on the hunt for it. I got this water bottle because I have been eyeing it up forever, it is a waist one, of course in pink, which I think will be better than the other fuel ones I have had.

Well that was my haul from the mall and TJMaxx. I did pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. Now we are going to use a Groupon we had for dinner at a pizza place by us, which also happens to be right next to a Target. Its like it is meant to be, but James is tired, so I have to be quick. I kind of know what I want and looking for, but I always get suckered in.

Hope everyone had a Fantastic Friday!!

What kind of savings have you had after Christmas???


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