December First

I know I say this every month, but holy heck where has it all gone. I cant believe today is December 1st. 30 days and then whole year is gone and over with! What a crazy ride this year has been too and I fully intend to make this last month great, well try to at least. I do have to work and manage to make it out alive during the busiest and craziest time of the year at my job!

But anyway I have been seeing a lot of different fitness pledges for this month, such as skinny snowman challenges, eat clean challenges, work out and do something every day, etc. I really want to participate in something like that, I really do, but realistically I am not sure if I can! My job takes a whole lot out of me during this time of year, A LOT! I sometimes barely can sleep because I am up all night wondering how they are doing, how late will they be staying, I go in earlier than my shifts all time and end up staying late every single night I close. My free time is limited and usually exhausting.

But I don't want my work to inter fer with how I live my life, even though my work is my life at times, make sense, I feel like I am not. I might be still in wedding haze from last night festivities  of my friends nuptials. I really want to do the running streak, run at least a mile every single day. I think I can really do this challenge. I think I can actually take the time to do this at least once a day for the whole month of December.

I am really going to fight it and do this. If I have to get up earlier a bit or run at night when I get home, I am really going to try. And if I cant, well I will try to do something else. I forget that there is a ton of things I can do, go to the gym where I pay 10.00 a month, DUH, use my at home DVD's, walk around the block, use my free weights and kettle bells. I have tons of outlets to do and I am going to do it. I want to do something every single day, I think I can run at least once a day every day. Scratch that, I know I can!!!!

I am not doing this to stay on track, I know I can stay on track during this time of year. I don't attend parties or cookie exchanges, so the temptation is not valid, but I am doing this to make sure I enjoy my life still, even when it is crazy and I think this might, just MIGHT, keep me a little bit sane!

Take the challenge with me or start your own. Make this last month of the year, your own!


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  2. Hey....good luck....I ve been running for quiet sometimes.....I understand how you feel. get a friend to join you..
    .any one....I have done over a dozen HM....
    now on Dec 15 will be doing my maiden half iron man distance 70.3......if I can.....anyone can !!;)
    I am a blogger...and on FB


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