December Run Streak Challenge Day 10 and Weekly Weigh In

This is going to be a pretty short and sweet post, I'm literally about to fall asleep at the computer writing this. I tried to get this posted before midnight, but life happened and I am NOW just sitting down, unwinding for the first time all day. So here it goes...

Woke up at 1.33 miles in. It was a bad run, my stomach was killing me, due to, if your guy turn away now, my period, but I got the mileage in and the streak is still going strong.

Got to work at 8:15, had a crazy, busy, long day till 6:30. I managed to only eat something quick for breakfast, I drank a Special K Protein shake for lunch with two cut up apples and probably did not get enough water in for the day.

After literally running out of work, raced to my Weight Watchers store and weighed in. Wasn't sure what to expect because I had a really big cheat day on Saturday and then started AdvoCare this Sunday and just got my period today, BUT despite it all, I was down .4.

A little number but I will take it, a loss is a loss. I am hoping to see a better number next week but I am happy where I am at and where I am going. The AdvoCare seems to be working, my energy is really up and during the day I am moving and keeping up, which I really like. It is really hard for me to eat completely clean on the 10 day challenge.

I am trying to get all my fruits and veggies in and I am drinking water like it is nobodies business. But giving up coffee and a lot of processed food is hard. I can't give up my coffee with my fat free creamer, it gets me by. And tonight we had our traditional Taco Tuesday, and since I didn't eat hardly anything all day I enjoyed my Tacos, BUT did not over do it with chips. I could tell I was hungry and didn't need anymore.

And for dessert tonight, not the best, I had a serving of Rice Krispies in a bowl with fat free milk and a banana. PMS was taking over, but I measured my serving and that is it and I stayed within my 26 WW points.

After my Taco Tuesday, I finished up some last minute family Christmas gifts and then came home and wrapped gifts for 2 hours. I have to send all my gifts back to New York and I have to do it tomorrow since it is my second to last day off before my 10 day stretch to Christmas. I had a cup of coffee at 10:00 clock tonight just to keep me going and now I am crashing.

That is okay by was productive and I got done everything I needed to do and it was a win all the way around.

Day Streak 10: 1.33 miles
Total Mileage since Dec. 1: 21.40 miles


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