December Run Streak Challenge:Day 26

It's the day after Christmas, which means I of course work, but this time not in my store, working at another location, which is a nice change of pace. I had to be there at 9:00 am, so I decided instead of waking up early and running, I wanted to sleep in a bit. But of course I didn't get to sleep in because an associate of mine called me super early forgetting their keys, so I had to bring mine to the store.

I was so sleepy so when I got back I crawled back in bed to just lay down for a bit more. Then I headed off to work and got home around 545. Once I got home I got into my running gear. Ever since last night my stomach has been so crazy. We had Chinese last night as our Christmas tradition and it really messed up my stomach. All day I felt wacky and my stomach was nauseous and just weird. It's amazing, you have one bad cheat meal or a couple of days and it really shows how much I have changed my eating habits.

So all day my stomach was crazy, so I only decided to run a mile because my legs and stomach were really messing with me. I couldn't move as fast I wanted and I felt like puking. I got the mile in and then called it a night with the running. Back to it tomorrow but I did get day 26 in.

I am very happy to be off the next two days. Like seriously happy!!

Day 26: 1 mile
Total since Dec 1: 56.90


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