December Run Streak Day 6

Day 6, its kind of cool to be at this day and have ran 6 times this week. My mind and body are so used to doing longer runs and having 2-3 rest days a week, sometimes I would take a rest day and not really need it. But I during those days that weren't rest I was running a really long day, a longer run and then probably about 3 miles. This is why I am really liking this challenge, I am learning how to reprogram my mind and body. I am sort of putting in the same mileage as if I was training for my half, but just using everyday and small amounts.

Today I got up at 7:15 and was out the door by 7:45. I knew today was going to be a run down the block and back type of run because I have a conference call at 9, then eat something, shower, get ready for work and then be out the door by 10:30 to get to work. If I didn't have that conference call I would be out a little longer running. My legs still feel stiff but not as bad as they were.

This morning I got in 1.38 miles in 14.07 minutes. I can see I am slowly improving with my pace. BUT like I said this isn't about time or pace, its just about me getting out there and doing this every day. Two days next week really make it hard for me. Monday and Tuesday. I thought about this while I was running today, how I was going to make these days work, I have to work from 8-5, which most would say, run after work! Yeah not so easy, I can promise I wont be getting out on time those days. So I figure those will be 1 mile mornings.

I like this running in the morning before work because I can really clear my head for a bit. I go to sleep thinking about work, waking up, worrying, wondering, scheduling, so when I am running it allows me to clear up all that nonsense and make sense of it all too.

So Day 6 is in the books and I am fueling with my Emergen-C. Heading to work soon for 11-7 and then grocery shopping and I think I have to pick up a Christmas gift. Oh and the fun thing about this is I am sleeping like a champ every night lol!

Have a happy Friday!

Day 6 Mileage 1.33
Total since December 1: 12.66


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