Christmas Shopping, Holiday Nog, & Frosty

I have to say that after work today I had a great amount of energy, actually all day I did. My run this morning really put me in a great mood and I wasn't feeling sore or exhausted afterwords. And the bonus was at work today I was able to get out a half hour early! Stop the world because that is so hard to come by this time of year, so when I saw an opening I went after it. After work I finished up my Christmas shopping for my family up North, I have to have all my Christmas shopping done kind of early because I have to ship everything back home and I want to make sure it is there on time.

Then feeling relieved I got my Christmas shopping done I headed to the grocery store. My stomach was growling and luckily I had a Quest Bar handed, I stocked up on some of them before I left the mall today. I devoured that bad boy and thank goodness because I was on a shopping spree and if I was starving, I'm afraid it would have gotten ugly inside of the cart.

I made it out of the grocery store way over budget, but justifying it is food I will be eating and to eat healthy sometimes you have to spend a little bit more, which sucks by 82 pounds later has made it all worth it. While at Publix, I was thrilled to find this:

I have seen it on a lot of peoples blogs and Instagram and couldn't wait to try it. I love Eggnog and I have found a couple awesome recipes that includes it. I think I just might try a little bit of it tonight. For a half of cup it is only 80 calories and 2pp!! That is fantastic considering a typical cup of Egg Nog can be as much as 6pp. I love Egg Nog But 6pp is not worth it at all. Stay tuned for the yummy stuff I find.

I also picked up a Chicken Roaster Combo Meal for dinner because I was beat after all the running around and I just wanted to not make a big meal after everything. James and I dug in and it was delicious.

James is not a big Christmas person but I know he does it all for me because I love it. So after dinner I begged to watch Frosty The Snowman and he gave in, which I found out he has never seen it either. I mean who hasn't seen Frosty!!! It was extra special to share that with him, even though I think he could careless haha.

All in all today was a great day and I really got into the Christmas spirit. The mall is starting to pick up, I am about 90% done with ALL my Christmas shopping, my fridge is stocked with goodness :0)


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