December Run Streak Day 28 and my Saturday Off

I haven't had a Saturday off in over a month, to some it might not seem like a big deal but working in retail it really is a big deal, let alone having two days off in a row. I love having a Saturday off because I feel like I can actually go and do some things. Plus it is a really good way to get a longer run in.

I love running downtown because there are so many people doing the same thing, it is a never ending support and motivation. People high fiving, running by, smiling, wishing you words of encouragement, etc. Plus just seeing people doing the same as me, better, stronger and faster, is a huge motivation for me. I seriously enjoy running downtown because it is so beautiful. It is right on the water and sometimes you can see dolphins, manatees, pelicans, etc. Its really nice. If your ever in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, make sure you check it out.

So I went downtown and ran 5 miles. It felt nice, but very humid. I was hoping it would be cooler but of course Florida winters are not the same. I was glad I decided to wear my new clothes James gave me for Christmas. The pants and shirt matched perfectly and fit great. I cant believe the shirt is a small.

 I am a small!

 I cant even imagine. I used to fit perfectly into men's smalls, now women's smalls fit with even some room. It is a big success on my behalf. I wore my Under Armour hat to complete my look. Oh and James got me specific running underwear this year and I tried them out, LOVE THEM. I never knew I would need special underwear, but let me say, it makes a huge difference.

I still cant believe that I am the same person in that photo. It surprises me every day with how far I have come. I have never looked this good in my life.

I love my new watch. It is perfect.  It makes running so much easier when I don't have to reach around and try to see my phone on my arm. Plus I like to view my pace, which is helping me stay on track. I like the pace I had, I did have to pause for a bit because my bladder strikes and I need to use the bathroom.

I am beat red, dripping in sweat and smell horrible, but I wouldn't want to spend my Saturday morning any other way.

Since I was downtown I decided to hit up the Saturday Morning Market, which I love to attend when I can, that way I can get some fresh produce at awesome prices. The market was packed, so I just went to the one stand I wanted to visit and then left. I picked up some tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, summer squash, bananas and lemons, all for 13 dollars. Cant go wrong with that, i would probably spend double in the store.  I was hoping to get spaghetti squash and some more fruit, but nothing looked too good. There is always next week.

After the market I went to Starbucks to refuel with some coffee and one of my good friends, Jacke, works right next door, so I got a surprise coffee for her since she had to work on a Saturday. We are both so busy with work and she is in nursing school, we hardly can get together anymore with running or working out. I am making a point to put it on my goal list for 2014 this year. It was nice to chat for a bit with her. 

My favorite running store is right down the street from there so I figured I would pop in to see what was new and exciting. I just love going in there to just be a part of it. I really didn't need anything. I have all the bars and GU's I needed but of course I did find a hat I had to have lol.

I loved the color and the material and I know I will use it. As much as I love running wearing headbands, hats have become a new favorite of mine also. Plus on days off when I just want to do nothing with my hair, always wear a hat.

Since I was downtown I figured I would use a Groupon I had bought a while ago for the clothing store, Revolve. It is a consignment store that sells new and gently used clothing. I got the Groupon for 10.00 which gave me a 20.00 credit. I normally shop at Plato's Closet, which is the same concept, so I figured I would give it a try. I found the clothes to be just blah and quit pricey for second hand. I couldn't find too much, but I did find a new leopard headband, some grey work pants and two pairs of boots. Because I have such big calves, I have given up on the fact I can wear calve boots, but these heights work really nicely for me. They were inexpensive so I didn't feel so bad. 

After my Groupon I only paid 7.00 which was basically the cost of the black boots, I can wear them to work also, which is what I was looking for. You know for the days I just might want to dress up a bit.

I probably wont go back there again and I will continue to stick to Plato's Closet. They are more my style and way cheaper, which for clothes I appreciate considering I am still changing sizes here and there.

I have a deep, kind of scary obsession with CVS. 

I seriously love CVS! 

I would almost go as far as saying it could be one of my favorite stores. I find any excuse to go there and I get everything there, mainly because of the awesome coupon policy they have and coupons they give me and of course the Extra Bucks I receive. I sometimes buy things just for Extra Bucks, which I know isn't great when I am trying to be on a budget, but I use the Extra Bucks for household items, stuff for myself or gifts. I can rack up some serious Extra Bucks. So I figured why not let me go pick up some things. I needed Bobby Pins anyway for my hair. I had 18.00 in Extra Bucks to use, so I searched some of their clearance items.

I got this key and letter holder for only 2.99. I am hoping this can keep us more organized and sane because right now we have letters and mail everywhere. It fit perfectly on our wall, as you can see were just using nails before to hang up our keys. Here's too a new year!

I was walking down the aisle randomly and I found this in the DVD section, which was super small, so I took it as a sign that I needed to have it. Ghost is my favorite movie of all time and as a kid I would watch it over and over. In High School, one of my best guy friends, which back then I had a major crush on, got me this movie for Christmas along with a stuff teddy bear, after I had mentioned it was my favorite. He left it on my front porch, so sweet. This movie brings back so many memories for me, it is a cheesy love story, but I could watch  it over and over. Before I only had the VHS, which we cant watch anymore, so I was happy to upgrade. And since I was using Extra Bucks, I knew it would be basically free.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I thought these were cute to get for New Years Eve, even though we aren't going anywhere special, I still enjoy being festive.

And I found some Clean and Clear product that was 1.74, the same for the hair product. Normally they run at least 7.00 a piece and it is all stuff I will use. I have been wanting to try Not Your Mother's product too, I was excited to see it with Got2B on clearance and then of course I got my Bobby Pins. Also picked up some water and gum, to make my whole purchase after the 18.00 extra bucks, only 12.10, cant got wrong with that.

I was thinking about going to Marshall's to see if I could find that Run, Cheaper than Therapy shirt but my stomach was not having it, I was starving and getting a bit tired, so I went home. I unloaded all my goodies and took a nice warm shower.

I didn't feel like eating a whole lot so I threw together a salad that turned out to be amazing.

I threw together some bagged lettuce, cherry tomatoes, a tablespoon of Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus, 2 tablespoons of Salsa, some Siracha, 5 lightly breaded Perdue Chicken Nuggets and a tablespoon of some Reduced Fat Mexican Cheese. I didn't even need dressing it was so good. And so quick. 6pp.

I was craving something a little crunchy still, so I paired my lunch with some Simple Trek Mix from Trader Joe's and a diet sprite and a water (not pictured)

 A nice, healthy lunch.

The mix is only 

Now finishing up some laundry, might read a bit and then take a nap, mainly just because I have the time and I can! Tonight I think James and I are going to the movies for a little date night. 

Sorry for the rambling and the long post, I am really enjoying my days off.

Day 28 Miles: 5.00
Total since December 1: 65.94


  1. Hi dear, it seems I am always playing catchup on these posts, but I do so want to read them all and not miss any. I have so busy in my new retail job which is in conjunction with some book editing that I do on the side. Anyway that's all another story. You look marvelous in your new running outfit. I like the colors. Oh, by the way, I am jealous of you, I can't even comfortably wear a small. I am so happy for you Angelina. Well, Happy New Year. God bless.


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